Revolutionizing Kensington: Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Nears Culmination with Stage 3 Approval

Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Stage 3 Architectural Render
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The Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment by Ivanhoé Cambridge has marked a significant milestone as the Minister for Planning grants planning permission for its third and final stage.

Notably, the decision faces no review applications, signalling progress towards the proposed 10,000 square meters comprising offices, food and beverage establishments, a retail outlet, gym, and basement parking.

With the planning permit issued under delegation from the Minister for Planning, construction is set to commence at 1-7 Elizabeth Street, Kensington.

The project’s initial phases involve repurposing a heritage-listed wool store into commercial office and retail spaces, complemented by a new office development to the south in stage two.

The upcoming third stage focuses on the removal of a non-heritage-listed warehouse east of stage one. A modern six-storey complex will take its place, featuring offices, retail spaces, food and beverage facilities, and a gym.

Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Stage 3 Architectural Render (Image: Woods Bagot)
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Stage 3 Architectural Render (Image: Woods Bagot)
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Stage 3 Commercial Dining Render (Image: Woods Bagot)
Younghusband Woolstore Redevelopment Stage 3 Commercial Dining Render (Image: Woods Bagot)

Extending to the east of the initial phase, the Woods Bagot designed complex aims to provide offices, retail outlets, a recreational facility, and various dining options. Stage three aims to enhance the architectural landscape and introduce an integrated public realm and a spacious plaza, encouraging community engagement.

Peter Miglis, Woods Bagot Principal and project leader, expresses enthusiasm, emphasizing the significance of planning permission.

“Stage three will provide open space, ensuring the porosity of the ground plane,” notes Miglis. “We envision an equitable urban realm with emphasis on public safety and accessibility.”

Project architect Wei Kiat Goh highlights the collaborative effort that shaped the design, emphasizing extensive community consultations for a positive outcome.

This development follows unanimous support for stage three during the Future Melbourne Committee meeting in September 2023.

Addressing concerns raised by Melbourne Water about flood risk, amended designs promise a contextual response. Councillors’ express satisfaction with urban design outcomes, emphasizing the use of premium materials and custom flood gates on individual entries.

Woods Bagot oversees the design, collaborating with Built for project delivery. Construction of Stage 3 is scheduled to commence in early 2024, with completion expected in late 2025.

The Younghusband redevelopment represents a substantial investment in Kensington, anticipated to generate employment opportunities, attract new businesses, and contribute to the evolving community.

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