Gateway to Progress: Striking 20-Storey Tower Envisioned for Woolloongabba’s Olympic Precinct

Spinal Life Render 109 Logan Rd Woolloongabba

A development application has been lodged for a slender 20-storey apartment tower close to the heart of Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Games precinct in Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Spinal Life Australia, a disability services provider that owns the 3297sq m site and a commercial building, has put forward the plans for the 203-apartment tower on the site fronting 109 Logan Road at Woolloongabba, with a total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 22,210m2. There is a provision for 281 carparks across five basement levels with dual parking access points from the site, which also has a side access point via Balaclava Street.

The tower would comprise 23 x one-bedroom, 108 x two-bedroom, 71 x three-bedroom, and 1 x four-bedroom apartments across the 20 storeys of the BSPN Architecture-designed block. The site is currently zoned for high-density residential up to 15 storeys, so this proposal seeks to gain approval above the current city plan for an extra 5 storeys, bringing it to 20 levels in total.

Architectural Render – 109 Logan Rd Woolloongabba from Wellington Street

According to the application by the Place Design Group, the proposal serves as a symbolic ‘gateway’ to the 2032 Brisbane Olympics Precinct, accentuating the ongoing evolution of premium residential advancements within Brisbane’s inner circle. The development intends to leverage Brisbane’s subtropical lifestyle and its proximity to key transport networks, such as the Cross River Rail and the Brisbane Metro lines. The goal is to encourage the use of active and public transport options, minimizing private vehicle reliance, and promoting sustainability.

The ground floor plan shows extensive green space, along with a single retail tenancy so far. Three lifts will service the 203 apartment tower with parking access to the complex for residents on the Logan Road side, and the exit on the western Balaclava Street side. The tower will also feature a rooftop amenity zone, which has become a staple for the apartment market in Brisbane.

Ground Floor Plans - 109 Logan Road Woolloongabba
Ground Floor Plans – 109 Logan Road Woolloongabba
Ground Floor Render - 109 Logan Road Woolloongabba
Ground Floor Render – 109 Logan Road Woolloongabba
109 Logan Road Corner Activation Point
109 Logan Road Corner Activation Point

The project is proposed for a site at the intersection of the two emerging growth suburbs of Woolloongabba and East Brisbane, which, according to planners, is earmarked for greater density to unlock housing. The area located across the road and to the north of this development proposal is part of the Woolloongabba Priority Development Area, currently under review as part of the Brisbane 2032 Woolloongabba Olympic precinct redevelopment. There have been several development applications to the council looking to transform the low-set industrial zone into a vibrant residential hub as part of the inner-ring expansion of Brisbane. Notably, the national developer Sarazin has doubled down on the emerging precinct with their large-scale Silk Lane project undergoing height application approval, along with their Murcia Residences tower being sold to the vastly undersupplied Brisbane market, currently located on the corner of Wellington Road and Overend Street. The large-scale mixed-use development, South City Square, by the Pellicano Group, is situated south of 109 Logan Road and has also transformed the area, bringing dining, retail, and nightlife to the locality.

Area Location Map by Place Design Group
Area Location Map by Place Design Group

109 Logan Road also sits directly opposite the famous Broadway Hotel. The hotel was added to the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992, but fires severely damaged the iconic site in 2010 and 2018. It is now undergoing refurbishment with the Carbone Development Group, who have been commissioned to restore the once-proud watering hole to its former glory and beyond. The hope for the development group is to transform the old hotel into the “Brekkie Creek Hotel” of the south, within the Woolloongabba Olympic precinct.

The Broadway Hotel was added to the heritage register in 1992 - Woolloongabba
The Broadway Hotel was added to the heritage register in 1992 – Woolloongabba
The Broadway Hotel to undergo a full refurbishment
The Broadway Hotel to undergo a full refurbishment

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