Winter Sports World Receives Green Light: Australia’s First Indoor Snow Resort Granted Major Approval for $400 Million Project

Winter Sports World Architectural Render External
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Winter Sports World (WSW), the ground-breaking indoor snow resort proposed for Penrith, has achieved a significant milestone with the granting of State Significant Development Application (SSDA) approval by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. This comes more than a year after the official lodgement of the application on December 8, 2022, marking the final step in the SSDA process.

Dubbed “The Giant Esky,” Winter Sports World will boast a unique alpine exterior with “Ice Shard” details, night lights, and subtle textural surfaces resembling a “Blizzard.” The facade design draws inspiration from the kinetic energy of snow clouds above a hill, creating a shimmering and ephemeral effect.

The $400 million project will feature:

  • A 300m advanced open run for experienced skiers and snowboarders
  • Learn to ski runs and a dedicated winter wonderland snow play area
  • Competition venue for snow sports such as alpine skiing
  • Ice climbing and crevasse outdoor rock climbing
  • 4.5-star 170-room hotel, conference, and function rooms
  • Restaurants and cafes with snow views
  • The development will incorporate sustainability elements, aiming to be net-zero carbon ready by reducing embodied carbon, eliminating fossil fuel use on-site, minimizing energy consumption, and utilizing onsite renewable sources.
Winter Sports World External Landscape Architectural Render
Winter Sports World External Landscape Architectural Render
Architectural Renders by Collins and Turner
Winter Sports World External Architectural Render at car parking entrance
Winter Sports World External Architectural Render at car parking entrance

The journey began in June 2018 when local developer Peter Magnisalis initiated the planning proposal, leading to the recent approval on the 2.35ha horse paddock in Penrith. Mr. Magnisalis expressed his relief, stating,

“For the first time in eight years, WSW is no longer a pie-in-the-sky dream but a real project and on course to bring the snowfields to Sydney.”

The Winter Sports World project aims to enrich the lives of the Penrith and wider NSW community through economic and tourism benefits, as well as the joy of skiing and snow play. Mr. Magnisalis acknowledged the collective effort, saying,

“It has taken an enormous amount of work by a lot of talented and experienced people to get the project to this point. It has been all-consuming for me personally for years now and will continue to be so. I can’t wait to get it built.”

Peter Magnisalis of Winter Sports World Sydney
Peter Magnisalis of Winter Sports World Sydney

Despite the approval, this colossal project faces several Olympic-sized hurdles before construction commences. The project is set to enter a phase of detailed design and engineering development in early 2024, with negotiations ongoing for suppliers and contractors globally.

Mr. Magnisalis envisions WSW as a global enterprise, with a commitment to delivering the best quality snow in the world for an indoor snow resort. Designed by Architectural firm Collins and Turner, he expressed excitement about finding world-class talent right on their doorstep in Western Sydney.

“This project will definitely be a global enterprise,”he said. “Our goal is for WSW to have the best quality snow in the world for an indoor snow resort.’’

“Winter Sports World will use the best in the world for everything, so I am especially excited when I find the world’s best right on our doorstep, including specialist engineers and designers from Western Sydney”.

Winter Sports World Map Penrith
Winter Sports World Map Penrith
Winter Sports World Internal Architectural Render
Internal Architectural Render

The engineering for this exciting project is poised to be technically challenging and complex, however will be recognized globally as an international landmark if completed. The initial construction phase involves preparing for the basement walls and excavation for essential infrastructure works.

Winter Sports World, situated within the Riverlink Tourism Precinct at Penrith, is expected to generate over 1350 ongoing tourism jobs, injecting more than $220 million annually into the local economy. The attraction will also serve as a training venue for Olympic sports and an additional reason for visitors to explore Western Sydney through the nearby Western Sydney International Airport. The finished project is hoping to attract over 1 millions visitors pe year through its doors.

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