The Landmark at Mermaid Beach: Aniko Group’s Answer to Gold Coast’s Booming Property Market

Aniko Group The Landmark Architectural Render Mermaid Beach
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The Gold Coast’s skyline is set for a transformation as Aniko Group, a prominent developer, meticulously refines the masterplan for its flagship $2 billion mixed-use development, The Landmark at Mermaid Beach. This project comes in response to the escalating demand for affordable luxury living in one of the city’s most sought-after beachside suburbs.

Aniko Group’s approach incorporates a strategy known as ‘rightsizing’ into its development ethos. This trend represents a shift towards opulent yet compact living spaces, catering to buyers who seek prestige and amenities without the need for sprawling properties.

Aniko Group's The Landmark at Mermaid Beach Render
^Aniko Group’s The Landmark at Mermaid Beach Render (Image: Aniko Group)

Mermaid Beach has emerged as Queensland’s premier suburb, attracting buyers drawn to its luxurious lifestyle offerings and coveted coastal paradise. Recent years have witnessed record-breaking property prices, solidifying the area’s reputation as a haven for the affluent.

Founder and leader of Aniko Group, George Mastrocostas, elaborated on the modifications proposed for Tower 1 of The Landmark, emphasizing the aim to introduce coastal apartment living at a price point previously unavailable in the market.

“The refinements allow us to introduce coastal apartment living at a price point that our buyers are seeking, one that simply doesn’t exist in the current market,” said Mr Mastrocostas.

“The changes will allow us to bring to the market a more diverse range of apartments, strategically catering to rightsizers, thus enhancing our competitive edge.”

Aniko Group’s strength in delivering affordable luxury is evident from its successful track record, particularly with luxury waterfront developments at Hope Island. Positioned on a prime 1.1342ha site, The Landmark will comprise residential apartments, offices, medical facilities, a luxury hotel, and retail and dining precincts, offering a comprehensive lifestyle experience.

The project’s master plan includes approvals for multiple towers over the next six years, promising a blend of residential and hotel accommodations. A sprawling recreation podium spanning 1ha will provide residents and guests with unparalleled amenities.

With construction slated to commence by year-end, Aniko has reconfigured Tower 1 to accommodate an additional apartment per level, responding to market feedback. This adjustment reflects the company’s commitment to adaptability and customer-centric design, with a focus on providing diverse housing options.

“The new floorplans provide greater flexibility to create the style of apartments for which we are experiencing sustained demand,” said Mr. Mastrocostas.

“Our plans are in response to the industry’s increasing focus on high-end apartments at the expense of more affordable alternatives that resonate with rightsizers.

“While we also plan to introduce a collection of stylish, three-bedroom-plus residences, we also want to cater to a segment of the market that has been overlooked by developers in the Gold Coast’s prime beachside suburbs in recent years.”

Aniko has enlisted the expertise of Plus Architecture, an award-winning firm, to bring the master-planned development to fruition. Director Danny Juric highlighted the design’s emphasis on coastal living, integrating vertical communities with high-quality amenities and public spaces conducive to socialization and relaxation.

“In an increasingly discerning market, we have created a design that embodies the coastal lifestyle,” said Juric.

“Integrated vertical communities will be supported through a range of high quality and accessible amenities – with parks, laneways and plazas creating opportunities for people to socialise, get active or relax, and immerse themselves in retail therapy.”

As the Gold Coast property market continues its upward trajectory, developments like The Landmark signify a dynamic shift towards affordable luxury living, reshaping the city’s skyline and redefining coastal living standards.

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