Breaking Ground: Premier Unveils ‘The Bays’ – Sydney’s Waterfront Jewel in Urban Renewal

The Bays in Sydney Architectural Render (Cox Architects)
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Aptly named “The Bays,” Sydney’s premier has unveiled what is set to become the city’s hottest and most iconic suburbs, rivalling the likes of Circular Quay and The Rocks. This upcoming community promises to redefine urban living with stunning harbor views and a prime location along the newly developed Sydney Metro West line.

Once an industrial port occupying one of Australia’s most coveted positions, The Bays is on the brink of transformation into a thriving neighbourhood. Nestled alongside sought-after inner-city suburbs such as Rozelle, Balmain, Glebe, and Pyrmont, the former industrial land holds immense potential for urban renewal, positioning itself as a jewel in Australia’s property landscape.

The Bays boasts a strategic location, surrounded by the picturesque Rozelle Bay, Blackwater Bay, and White Bay, offering residents enviable harbor views and unparalleled connectivity within the inner city. With its proximity to key harborside areas and the Sydney Metro West line, The Bays is set to emerge as a dynamic and sought-after destination, combining industrial history with modern urban living.

The Bays Location Precinct Site Plan (NSW Government)
The Bays Location Precinct Site Plan (NSW Government)

Premier Chriss Minns stated The Bays significant location will become one of Sydney’s most iconic areas:

“For many people, it will be as synonymous as Barangaroo, Circular key, The Rocks and downtown CBD”

Positioned as the third stop on the transformative Metro West line, connecting the CBD to Westmead, The Bays is set to emerge as a pivotal hub in Sydney’s urban landscape. While the initial groundwork for this new transportation lifeline commenced under the previous administration, the current government is committed to substantial investments in crafting a vibrant community. Envisioned as a harmonious blend of housing and expansive parklands, this ambitious endeavour is slated to unfold over the next eight years.

With an unrivalled world-class view awaiting future residents, The Bays promises a breathtaking panorama. However, this scenic marvel comes with a caveat. The state government emphasizes that inhabitants must reconcile themselves with the fact that the area will persist as a working port.

“What we won’t allow is a situation where new entrants into a community are able to shut down the character and nature of the previous suburb.” Minns stated.

NSW Premier Unveils The Bays Sydney – 7 News

At the heart of The Bays West urban renewal stands the iconic White Bay Power Station, poised to be the focal point of a remarkable transformation. Listed as a heritage site and recognized as one of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks in the inner west, the White Bay Power Station has undergone extensive remediation and conservation efforts. A testament to its historical significance, the powerhouse is now slated for a vibrant repurposing, set to evolve into a dynamic hub for arts, culture, and community engagement. The rehabilitation of the White Bay Power Station is strategically aligned with the broader vision for both the White Bay Power Station and Robert Street sub-precincts.

Rob Stokes, NSW Minister for Infrastructure, Cities and Active Transport, stated the significance of the revitalisation of the White Bay Power Station within the precinct.

“The White Bay Power Station will be the centrepiece of an amazing regeneration here in the heart of global Sydney.” he stated.

The Whites Bay Power Station Concept Render
The Whites Bay Power Station Concept Render

This inner city precinct is currently undergoing urban renewal and transformation, with the renewal of three key sites.

Bays West

The Bays West renewal aims to unlock fresh employment opportunities as part of the innovation corridor.  The precinct hopes to create new housing and job creation, mixed in with ongoing port activities amongst a new Metro station connecting to open spaces and social infrastructure. The plan includes enhanced walking, cycling, and public transport options, aligning with the continued growth of the Eastern Harbour City and metropolitan Sydney.

The Bays West Master Plan
The Bays West Master Plan

Blackwattle Bay

The Blackwattle Bay State Significant Precinct presents an exciting urban renewal prospect for The Bays region along the harbor foreshore. A proposed 30-meter-wide waterfront promenade is set to seamlessly connect the 15 km foreshore walk from Rozelle Bay to Woolloomooloo.

The precinct’s revitalization includes the approved relocation of the Sydney Fish Market to modern facilities, poised to bolster the NSW seafood industry and transform into a key tourist attraction. Newly sanctioned planning controls pave the way for a dynamic mixed-use precinct, featuring approximately 1,200 apartments accommodating around 2,400 residents. The envisioned transformation anticipates the creation of 5,600 new jobs, with the flexibility for new buildings ranging from 6 to 35 storeys in height, adding a vibrant dimension to the urban landscape.

Sydney Fish Market

The upcoming Sydney Fish Market is slated for placement at the forefront of Blackwattle Bay on Bridge Road, Glebe, nestled within the Blackwattle Bay precinct. Positioned adjacent to the current fish market, it sits southeast of Anzac Bridge, situated at the confluence of Pyrmont Bridge Road and the Western Distributor.

Envisioned as more than just a market, the new facility will seamlessly integrate new waterfront commercial spaces, tourist facilities, and other versatile uses, aligning with the precinct’s long-term development aspirations.

New Sydney Fish Market Render

Sydney Metro West Unlocking The Bays

A major catalyst for unlocking this new urban renewal area is the construction of a new rail station along the Sydney Metro West line, currently under construction. The Bays Station will deliver rail to the area for the first time, providing critical connections to the Sydney CBD and the western suburbs. The Bays Station will act as a catalyst for the long awaited renewal of the area. The Bays Station will be located between Glebe Island and White Bay Power Station. It will provide direct access to the future Bays Waterfront Promenade, which would run north to south along White Bay.

The Bays West New Rail Station Architectural Render
The Bays West New Rail Station Architectural Render

John Holland CPB Contractors Ghella Joint Venture (JCG) were awarded the contract to deliver the 3.5 kilometres of twin metro rail tunnels between The Bays and Hunter Street and excavate the Pyrmont and Hunter Street metro stations.

As anticipation builds, The Bays is poised to become a cultural and residential hub, marking a new era in Sydney’s landscape. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development that is destined to reshape the city’s skyline and captivate the imagination of residents and visitors alike.

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