Student Accommodation Tower Application Lodged By Citiplan At 240 Margaret Street In Brisbane’s CBD.

Citiplan and Brookfield's Student Tower Arhitectural Render
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Citiplan and Brookfield have lodged a new development application with the Brisbane City Council for a new modern student accommodation tower. The proposed tower, designed by renowned architecture firm COX Architecture, will be located at 240 Margaret Street in Brisbane’s CBD.

The proposed tower will be a significant addition to Brisbane’s skyline, standing at 31-storeys high and providing accommodation for up to 941 students. The tower will be a purpose-built student accommodation facility sitting on 1,715sqm of land, with a range of apartment types and podium level communal facilities, including a rooftop pool, gym, and outdoor terrace. The proposal seeks to push the boundaries in the student accommodation space, giving it’s residents a modern tower to enjoy whilst studying in central Brisbane.

The tower’s design has been carefully crafted by COX Architecture to be both functional and visually striking. The building’s façade will be a combination of glass and aluminium, with a distinctive chevron pattern that provides visual interest and breaks up the building’s massing.

Citiplan and Brookfield's Student Accommodation Tower Entrance
Citiplan and Brookfield’s Student Accommodation Tower Entrance
Citiplan and Brookfield's Student Accommodation Tower Podium Levels Architectural Render
Citiplan and Brookfield’s Student Accommodation Tower Podium Levels Architectural Render

According to the developers, the tower’s design has been informed by a detailed analysis of the site’s context and surroundings, including its proximity to the Brisbane River and other significant buildings in the area. The tower’s height has been carefully considered to ensure it fits comfortably within the surrounding urban fabric while still providing a significant presence in the city. Brisbane’s tallest building, the Skytower, sits directly beside the proposed tower, so this has no doubt been a part of the decision for the planning having such a significant building standing next door. The application has been lodged by Urbis on behalf of the development teams.

The proposed development also includes a range of sustainability features, such as rainwater harvesting and solar panels, which will help to reduce the building’s environmental footprint. The tower will also feature bike storage and end-of-trip facilities to encourage sustainable transport options.

Citiplan and Brookfield have stated that the proposed development will provide much-needed student accommodation in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, where there is currently a shortage of purpose-built student accommodation. The tower’s location is ideal for students, with easy access to public transport, universities, and the city’s vibrant cultural and entertainment precincts. Citiplan have entered into a joint venture with Brookfield to deliver the project, which will have Melbourne-based Journal Student Living operating the accommodation side of the project (PBSA).

The student accommodation will now replace a previous approval on the site from 2016, which had a modern luxury apartment tower approved.

Previous Plans for 240 Margaret Street in Brisbane.
Previous Plans for 240 Margaret Street in Brisbane.

If approved by the Brisbane City Council, the new student accommodation tower at 240 Margaret Street will provide a valuable addition to Brisbane’s built environment and help to address the city’s growing need for purpose-built student accommodation. The tower’s design, sustainability features, and location make it an exciting prospect for students and the wider community alike.

Site Location – 240 Margaret Street, Brisbane, 4000

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