St. Vincent’s Health Australia Secures Brisbane City Council Nod for 20-Year Wellness Community Project in Kangaroo Point

St Vincents Private Architectural Concept Design Viewing from Brisbane River
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In a significant development, the Brisbane City Council has granted preliminary approval for a ground-breaking ‘wellness community’ project at the esteemed St. Vincent’s Private Hospital site in Kangaroo Point. This ambitious initiative, led by St. Vincent’s Health Australia, is a six-stage, 20-year endeavour set to redefine the landscape of the iconic Kangaroo Point peninsula.

Originally established in 1954, the hospital has been a fixture in the area for 70 years. The proposed integrated mixed-use development encompasses residential precincts, as well as a comprehensive health, aged-care, and education masterplan. The project, situated at 363, 365, 373, and 411 Main Street, Kangaroo Point, successfully navigated a rigorous development application process with the BCC, securing the green light to progress towards a more detailed-oriented application for the staged development process.

St Vincent's Private Architectural Concept Design New Green Bridge
St Vincent’s Private Architectural Concept Design New Green Bridge
St Vincent's Private Architectural Concept Design from Main Street
St Vincent’s Private Architectural Concept Design from Main Street

St. Vincent’s Health Australia recognizes the evolving demands in aged care and the growing interest in remote and virtual health services. The current site, comprising St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Brisbane and St. Vincent’s Care Services, will undergo a transformative journey to meet the changing needs of the community.

The envisioned precinct will consist of five buildings ranging from 15 to 19 storeys, strategically divided into two distinct precincts. The residential precinct will seamlessly connect to the Riverwalk along the Brisbane River, while the health, aged care, and education precinct will be situated along Main Street.

According to planning documentation, the 18.8 sq m site represents a rare, under-developed plot on the Kangaroo Point peninsula. The aspiration for the Integrated Wellness Community is to cultivate an environment that fosters engagement and inclusivity. The redevelopment aims to curate meaningful spaces for residents, patients, staff, visitors, and the broader community.

Site Map for the St Vincent's Private Redevelopment at Kangaroo Point
Site Map for the St Vincent’s Private Redevelopment at Kangaroo Point
Planning Sections for St Vincent's Private Site Usage
Planning Sections for St Vincent’s Private Site Usage
St Vincent's Private Elevated Concept Site Plan View
St Vincent’s Private Elevated Concept Site Plan View

The project’s timeline envisions starting construction at the northern part of the site, currently an open-air car park. The initial stage will involve the creation of three levels of parking, followed by the development of healthcare and residential aged-care accommodation in the second stage. Subsequently, the buildings on the western side of the site will be demolished upon completion and occupation.

Kangaroo Point Peninsula has emerged as a prime location for development and investment, evident from several high-profile private residential projects in progress. The recent approval and construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, connecting Kangaroo Point to the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane City, are anticipated to further enhance the appeal of the area, providing a significant impetus to St. Vincent’s Health redevelopment plans.

It is essential to note that all design aspects presented in the application are conceptual and not yet approved by the council. The application submitted to the council by Gaskell Planning Consultants, pertains to the masterplan and precinct plan only, with detailed applications for individual stages to follow in due course. The applications architectural concepts have been designed by Aged Care, Community, Education, and Health sector specialists Bickerton Masters.

Architectural Concept Design Viewing from River Walk
Architectural Concept Design Viewing from River Walk

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