Sekisui House Partners with GroupGSA for Stage Six Phase of Melrose Park Redevelopment

Lot A Stage 6 Sekisui House GroupGSA Streetscape Image
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Sekisui House Australia has revealed its plans for the next phase of its extensive renewal project at Melrose Park, located on the outskirts of Parramatta. Designed by GroupGSA, the sixth stage of the development includes 468 additional apartments, marking a significant milestone in the transformation of the former industrial precinct into a vibrant, master-planned community.

This proposal is the second planning submission for Melrose Park presented to the Sydney Central City Planning Panel this year, following a March application for 368 apartments in Stage 5, also designed by GroupGSA.

Stage six features two towers ranging from 20 to 24 storeys, with an estimated end value of $450 million.

^Architectural Render of Stage 6 at Melrose Park by Sekisui House and GroupGSA (Image: GroupGSA)
^Architectural Render of Stage 6 at Melrose Park by Sekisui House and GroupGSA (Image: GroupGSA)

Sekisui House Australia’s project director, Alex Grujovski, stated that the development, if approved, will offer a mix of dual-key multi-generational apartments, alongside one-, two-, and three-bedroom units.

“A huge transformation is underway at Melrose Park and Stage 6 will be the first stage to truly signify this transformation and what’s to come,” Grujovski said.

“The recent approval of Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 paves the way for improved connectivity and convenience within the Melrose Park masterplan community. It unlocks the long-awaited public transport link connecting Melrose Park with Wentworth Point, with direct access between Sydney Olympic Park and Parramatta CBD.”

GroupGSA Principal and project lead, Alister Eden, noted that the proposed residential design caters to a diverse demographic, providing a wide array of housing options within the locality.

“Situated as the most northerly and topographically elevated site in the precinct, the two towers will contribute to this evolving skyline and serve as key urban markers along the Victoria Road corridor,” Eden said.

A key highlight of the development is the rooftop pool and recreation deck, designed in collaboration with landscape architects Aspect Studio, which will offer residents panoramic views over the masterplan area and towards the Parramatta River and Sydney Olympic Parklands.

^Architectural Render of the Laneway Precinct at Melrose Park (Image: GroupGSA)
^Architectural Render of the Laneway Precinct at Melrose Park (Image: GroupGSA)

The development emphasizes a robust landscaped design to enhance the residential experience, promoting a resort-style lifestyle with varied internal and external communal spaces. At the ground level, a lush, landscaped interface will integrate the building with the public edges of the site, including a publicly accessible through-site link that will form part of a larger north-south connection. This will link new residents with the 17,586 square-metre central park, schools, and the future town centre.

Eden explained that the design incorporates a sophisticated palette of materials and fine detailing, aligning with the elevated repositioning of the masterplan and Sekisui House Australia’s vision for Melrose Park. The use of masonry and pigmented concrete, combined with bronze and rose gold metal detailing, including a feature rooftop pergola, creates a shimmering effect that enhances the building’s aesthetic appeal.

“The façade design is a subtle reference to the effect of scattered light that filters through the trees, conceptualising this as an arboreal community living high amongst the tree canopy,” Eden said.

Sekisui House’s latest proposal follows their March 2024 submission to the Sydney Central City Planning Panel for Stage 5 of the Melrose Park precinct, which includes 368 apartments valued at over $320 million. Also designed by GroupGSA, in collaboration with Aspect Studios for landscaping, Stage 5 is situated in Lot F of the expansive Melrose Park master plan and is set to feature 6 towers, including two 10-story structures, two 8-story buildings, and two 6-story edifices, offering a diverse range of living options.

Melrose Park Master Plan Sekisui House
^Stage 5 Lot F at Melrose Park by Sekisui House (Image: Sekisui House)
Sekisui-House-Melrose-Park-Stage 5
^Stage 5 Rencer of Melrose Park by Sekisui House (Image: GroupGSA)

Melrose Park is a transformative urban development in Sydney, strategically located along the Parramatta River. This project is a collaboration between major developers and the City of Parramatta Council, aiming to create a vibrant, sustainable community. With a mix of high-rise apartments, townhouses, and commercial spaces, Melrose Park promises to provide residents with modern living amenities, extensive green spaces, and convenient public transport links.

Once completed, the 30-hectare Melrose Park masterplan is expected to house 6,000 new apartments.

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