Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Luxury Superyacht Marina Set To Transform Mariners Cove On The Gold Coast

Ritz-Carlton Gold Coast Exterior
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Mariners Cove in Main Beach on the northern end of the Gold Coast is set to completely transform with the lodging of a luxury hotel and superyacht marina application into the Gold Coast City Council. The AUD$480 million waterfront project is set to launch a luxury 150 room Ritz-Carlton Hotel into the SeaWorld Drive peninsula, along with a 70-berth superyacht marina catering to the ultra-wealthy lifestyle crowd.

Marriott International has partnered up with the Melbourne based developers Giannarelli Group and Pelligra Group, to bring the redevelopment of the iconic Mariners Cove area to life.

The superyacht berths will be able to accommodate vessels up to 75 metres in length, which is no doubt bound to bring in charter business, along with wealthy travellers wanting to berth at a luxury hotel in the prime Main Beach arena.

The application that has been lodged for the hotel, features over 6,500 square metres of restaurants, lobby lounge, bars and a luxury rooftop level swimming pool all set amongst feature planting areas. The hotel shape lends itself to a luxury low-rise hotel project, as height limits on the SeaWorld Drive peninsula have been a hot topic of discussion for decades within the Gold Coast development community. With the Ritz-Carlton set for Mariners Cove, it is the first large development to be undertaken since the Versace Hotel was delivered to the market back in 2000, built by the famous Sunland Group.

Ritz-Carlton Render from the Broadwater.
Architectural render of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Project.
Ritz-Carlton Render of the Dining Precinct
Architectural render of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Project.
Ritz-Carlton Render of the rooms
Architectural render of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Project.
Architectural form of the Ritz-Carlton Gold Coast
Architectural render of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Project.
Pool area at the new Ritz-Carlton Gold Coast
Architectural render of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Pool Area.

Designed by the award-winning architectural firm out of Melbourne, Kennon, the project has taken a u-shape rounded edging form externally, softening its presence within the stunning Gold Coast broad water landscape. The development team are insisting that the redevelopment will welcome all walks of life through its doors. 

“We have no private residences, unlike Versace, and the precinct itself is a public accessible space for the community to enjoy waterside access.

It has been designed as a destination, we envision everyone from a business traveller to families enjoying everything the precinct and the Gold Coast more broadly has to offer.” Said Dion Giannarelli, Director of Giannarelli Group.

Developers Giannarelli Group and Pelligra Group
Developers Giannarelli Group and Pelligra Group

Development Features

  • 3 storeys, 15m in height
  • Tavern (1,042sqm)
  • Retail/Food Tenancies and outdoor dining (2,999sqm)
  • 150 hotel rooms (across 2 floors)
  • 70 Beth Marina
  • SPA Wellness Retreat (662sqm:)
  • Bar (348sqm)
  • Marine Amphitheatre
  • Rooftop Communal Area (3,455sqm)
  • Hotel swimming pool and surrounding seating
  • Swimming pool bar area
  • Landscaped gardens
  • Function / recreation space
Site plans for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Gold Coast
Ground Floor Plan for the Ritz-Carlton via Development Application

Height increases have been a topic for the local community over the years for Seaworld Drive, with a prior application designed by Zaha Hadid, and lodged by the Sunland Group on the site eventually abandoned after it didn’t receive the required support. The proposal was for an enormous increase to the strict height limits given to the area, which the application ignored and went for a grand plan. The 44-storey, 370 apartment project at a cost of $600 million was eventually rejected, paving the way for the latest application to be assessed. 

Sunland Group's plans for Mariners Cove
Architectural render of the prior Sunland Group application. 

Home to the famous Fisherman’s Wharf Tavern, Mariners Cove has been a staple of Gold Coast life for decades gone by. It is home to a large volume of tourism, retail and dining related businesses that will need to find new homes with the redevelopment plans with the Ritz-Carlton set for Mariners Cove.

Ritz-Carlton Hotel Set for Mariners Cove
Mariners Cove, Gold Coast

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