Harbouring Growth: Raptis Investments’ Maritime Vision to Boost Brisbane’s Tourism Sector

Raptis Marina Morningside
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In a move set to invigorate Brisbane’s marine tourism sector, Raptis Investments’ plans are underway to construct a 42-berth marina near the iconic Gateway Bridge in Morningside. The marina, designated for commercial and tourist boats, will offer docking facilities along the picturesque Brisbane River, providing a much-needed respite for operators in the wake of recent challenges.

Securing a portion of the $15 million allocated under Round 1 of the Growing Future Tourism program, the marina project at Raptis Seafoods, is poised to transform the city’s waterfront landscape. Despite not serving as a direct tourist pick-up and drop-off point, the marina promises a vital anchoring spot for marine tourism vessels navigating through Brisbane’s scenic waterways.

^Raptis Investments' Morningside Wharf Current
^Raptis Investments’ Morningside Wharf Current

“Brisbane River tourism operators have been asking us for a home base where they could drop anchor overnight and this 42-berth marina provides that facility.

“The temporary river berthing installed by Raptis at their Morningside base has helped some operators get through a difficult period.

This new project, to be delivered by Raptis with the support of the Queensland Government, makes that space more permanent.

“The Growing Future Tourism program is delivering new tourism opportunities in Queensland.

“Projects like this, in partnership with private enterprise, will help us reach our ambitious goal of doubling overnight visitor expenditure to more than $44 billion per year by 2032.”

Following setbacks such as the 2022 floods and disruptions caused by waterfront developments, the establishment of this marina signals a turning point for Brisbane’s marine tourism industry. With completion slated for April 2025, pending development approvals, the project promises to breathe new life into the city’s tourism infrastructure.

The Queensland Government’s financial backing for this and four other initiatives is projected to stimulate significant economic growth. Leveraging $66.6 million in private investment, the projects are estimated to generate approximately 313 jobs during the planning and construction phases, with an additional 669 ongoing operational positions.

Collectively, these ventures are expected to attract over 216,000 extra visitors annually, injecting an additional $63 million into Queensland’s economy. With a focus on enhancing tourist experiences across the state, the funded projects aim to bolster Queensland’s reputation as a premier destination for leisure and adventure.

In addition to the marina project, other notable initiatives include the construction of a fixed 50-meter jetty at Lindeman Island Resort, the expansion of the Crocodile Hunter Lodge at Australia Zoo, and the development of a marine tourism hub at Flinders Street Wharves in Townsville. These diverse undertakings underscore the Queensland Government’s commitment to fostering sustainable tourism growth while preserving the state’s natural and cultural heritage.

“Raptis Investments is thrilled to be awarded funding for the development of a new commercial marina to support growth in visitor tourism activities along the Brisbane River and on Moreton Bay, under round 1 of the Queensland Government’s Growing Future Tourism Fund.

Raptis Investments is committed to the ongoing development of the tourism sector. Repurposing the Raptis Seafoods wharves not only provides certainty of tenure in home porting, but it will also encourage investment and foster new employment opportunities by both existing and new market tourism operators, to meet the rising tourist demand for coastal and aquatic experiences.”

Located in the heart of Brisbane’s bustling maritime landscape, the Raptis Investments’ Morningside wharf area enjoys a prime position within the Queensland Trade Coast, the state’s second-largest employment hub. Surrounded by key attractions, including the recently upgraded Comlie Reserve Parklands and the lively recently launched Rivermakers historic precinct, renowned for its hip dining and entertainment scene, the area embodies the city’s vibrant spirit. Amidst ongoing transformation, exemplified by the Colmslie Industrial Precinct’s shift towards commercial spaces, the Raptis Seafoods vicinity in Morningside is positioned to privide Brisbane’s river precinct with long term business growth opportunites.

Rivermakers Dedevelopment Compliments the Raptis Marina Area (Image: Rivermakers)
^Rivermakers Dedevelopment Compliments the Raptis Marina Area (Image: Rivermakers)

With government support and private investment driving these transformative endeavours, Queensland’s tourism sector is poised to flourish, offering unparalleled experiences for visitors and locals alike. As construction progresses and completion deadlines draw near, anticipation mounts for the unveiling of these landmark developments, poised to shape Queensland’s tourism landscape for years to come.

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