Innovation Meets Luxury: Kangaroo Point Welcomes Plus Architecture’s Revolutionary Rotherham Hotel

Rotherham Hotel Plus Architecture
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International architecture firm Plus Architecture has revealed plans for the Rotherham Hotel, an innovative boutique hotel and short-stay accommodation development in Kangaroo Point. Positioned to revolutionize Brisbane’s hotel market, this luxury offering is set to redefine hospitality standards in the prime suburb.

Situated at 25-35 Rotherham Street, the Rotherham Hotel aims to be a contemporary urban oasis, reimagining the boutique hotel concept to elevate Brisbane’s accommodation sector, especially in anticipation of the 2032 Olympic Games. The existing ‘Il Mondo’ hotel and Mobo Japanese restaurant currently occupy the site at the corner of Rotherham and Deakin Street.

Spanning 16 meticulously designed levels and 15,500 sqm, the plans for the 179-key hotel encompass finely crafted wellness experiences, a rooftop infinity pool, entertainment spaces, state-of-the-art conference facilities, and a world-class culinary destination.

The Rotherham Hotel’s emblematic design draws inspiration from the architectural language of its iconic surroundings while establishing a distinctive identity. The exteriors feature striking green brickwork and bold geometric shapes, paying homage to the adjacent Story Bridge’s heritage design.

Large ‘porthole’ shaped windows, reminiscent of the Story Bridge’s foundations, offer expansive views of the city skyline and the river, fostering a connection to the vibrant sub-tropical surroundings. With a strong focus on storytelling through bespoke design, the hotel aims to cater to an emerging traveler demographic: young individuals seeking dynamic and artfully curated accommodation experiences.

The Rotherham Hotel Architectural Sketch by Plus Architecture (Image: Plus Architecture)
The Rotherham Hotel Architectural Sketch by Plus Architecture (Image: Plus Architecture)

Chrisney Formosa, Plus Architecture Principal, emphasizes that the Rotherham Hotel is uniquely positioned to meet the rising demand for dynamic and vibrant travel experiences post-pandemic.

“Our design vision for the Rotherham Hotel recognizes that prestige hotels are about more than just architecture – they must create memories, evoke stories, and capture the inspiration of guests,” says Formosa. “As a one-of-a-kind hotel representing the best of Brisbane, the Rotherham Hotel will be a landmark international destination, offering a harmonious blend of luxury, urbanity, and nature.”

Embracing Brisbane’s sub-tropicality, the hotel’s bold green design extends to lush landscaping on every level, connecting ground floor green scaping to the rooftop through a cutaway tower element spanning all 16 storeys. Placemaking is central to the design, with the hotel engaging with the public realm through a public laneway from Rotherham Street and a terraced stairway entrance for guests and visitors.

Taking advantage of the site’s gentle slope, the design features a generous double-height porte-cochere with a finely detailed undercroft providing shade and shelter. Positioned as an exemplary boutique luxury hotel design for Australia and the wider Asia-Pacific region, the Rotherham Hotel is expected to attract world-class hotel and restaurant operators.

The addition of this hotel to Kangaroo Point aligns with the ongoing construction of the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, creating a direct walking connection to Brisbane CBD via the botanical gardens, enhancing accessibility for residents and tourists.

Part of an expanding pipeline of hotel developments in Melbourne, Perth, and the Gold Coast, the Rotherham Hotel signifies Plus Architecture’s commitment to industry-leading and timeless design in the premium hospitality sector.

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