Parramatta Square: The Transformative Urban Renewal Project Shaping Sydney’s Future

Parramatta Square Walker Corporation

In the heart of Sydney’s western corridor, Parramatta Square by the Walker Corporation, is a remarkable urban renewal project that has transformed Sydney’s bustling cultural heart.

Parramatta Square is a sprawling redevelopment initiative spanning approximately 3 hectares. The project has set out to redefine the city’s landscape and create a vibrant, modern, and sustainable urban precinct. With its ambitious vision and diverse array of offerings, Parramatta Square set out to position itself as a transformative and thriving hub of culture, commerce, and community engagement.

Architectural Render of Parramatta Square
Architectural Render of Parramatta Square
Parramatta Square Town Centre Render
Parramatta Square Town Centre Render

Over the past decade, Parramatta has undergone a remarkable transformation, emerging as a thriving urban center in Sydney. The city has experienced significant infrastructure upgrades, including the completion of the Parramatta Square project and the establishment of the Parramatta Light Rail, improving connectivity and accessibility. The growth of commercial and residential developments has attracted businesses and led to the construction of modern office towers and residential properties. Parramatta has also become a cultural and entertainment hub, with venues hosting various events and festivals. Additionally, the city has seen advancements in education and innovation, a vibrant dining and retail scene, and the revitalization of civic and public spaces. These developments have created employment opportunities and enhanced the overall livability of Parramatta, solidifying its position as a sought-after destination.

Parramatta’s transformation over the last decade showcases its commitment to growth, sustainability, and creating a vibrant urban environment. With ongoing developments and initiatives, the city continues to evolve as a dynamic business district, a cultural hotspot, and a desirable place to live, work, and visit.

Parramatta Square, one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia, reached completion in December of 2022, thanks to the efforts of Walker Corporation. With a budget of $3.5 billion, the project has transformed the civic precinct of Parramatta into a modern and vibrant hub.

The development looms impressively over the 140-year-old Parramatta Town Hall and encompasses several notable features. Among these is a state-of-the-art campus worth $220 million, accommodating 10,000 students from Western Sydney University. Additionally, a remarkable community, cultural, and civic hub valued at $136 million has been established.

Walker Corporation’s contribution to the project is substantial, offering a staggering 267,000 square meters of retail and A-grade office space distributed across four towers. This achievement places the development at the forefront of commercial advancements in the country, boasting the largest lettable area of any commercial project nationwide.

Parramatta Square Town Centre Top View Render
Parramatta Square Town Centre Top View Render


Grimshaw Architects, an international architecture firm, played a significant role in the design of the public domain and the central public square of Parramatta Square. They contributed their expertise in creating an inviting and functional space for the community.

Woods Bagot, a global architecture and design firm, was involved in the design and development of the commercial buildings within Parramatta Square. They contributed to the creation of modern and innovative office spaces.


Walker Corporation, a leading Australian property developer, played a major role as the overall developer and builder of Parramatta Square. They oversaw the planning, design, and construction of various components within the precinct.

Multiplex, a prominent construction company, was involved in the construction of Parramatta Square. They contributed their expertise in delivering the project on time and to the highest quality standards.

It’s important to note that the development of Parramatta Square involved collaboration between various stakeholders, including government entities, private developers, architects, and builders. The collective efforts of these teams have been instrumental in shaping the vision and successful realization of Parramatta Square as a transformative urban precinct.

Dining Area of Parramatta Square
Dining Area of Parramatta Square

Parramatta Square’s strategic connectivity is another noteworthy aspect. The project seamlessly integrates with Sydney’s existing commuter train network, while the city’s extensive transportation upgrades, including the $3 billion Metro, $2.4 billion light rail system, and the $3.2 billion WestConnex motorway, promise faster and more efficient transport connections to various destinations.

The completion of Parramatta Square marks a significant milestone in the urban renewal landscape, breathing new life into Parramatta’s civic precinct. With its impressive facilities, modern infrastructure, and improved transportation links, the precinct is poised to attract businesses, residents, and visitors, contributing to the ongoing growth and vitality of the area.

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