Iwan Sunito’s New Venture, One Global Capital, Commissions Kengo Kuma and Crone for $500M Macquarie Park Project

One Global Capital Hotel Render at Macquarie Park
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One Global Capital, the new development venture led by Iwan Sunito, has commissioned the esteemed Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and Sydney-based Crone Architects for a landmark mixed-use project in Macquarie Park. This $500 million development marks the company’s first residential and five-star hotel endeavor.

Kengo Kuma, renowned globally for his innovative designs, will collaborate with Crone Architects to deliver a comprehensive scheme that includes residential, retail, and resort elements. Notably, Kuma will spearhead the design of the affordable housing component, underscoring a commitment to world-class architecture in addressing crucial housing needs.

Initially approved in November 2023, the Macquarie Park project spans a 7,000 sqm site bordered by Herring Road, Windsor Drive, and Lachlan Avenue. Its strategic location boasts direct connectivity to Macquarie Park Metro Station, Macquarie University, and Macquarie Shopping Centre.

The project envisions three towers: two housing 304 spacious apartments and a premium boutique hotel with 175 rooms on the upper levels, complemented by high-end retail on the ground floor. The third tower will be dedicated to affordable housing.

Residents and hotel guests will enjoy an integrated ground-floor concierge reception, shared gym, pool, and premium communal facilities. Additionally, residents will have access to hotel services, enhancing the project’s luxury living experience.

One Global Capital Chairman and Group CEO Iwan Sunito highlighted Macquarie Park’s unique appeal, offering abundant amenities.

“It offers excellent transport links with both rail and bus services, access to Macquarie Park Hospital, Macquarie University, and the Macquarie Shopping Centre, one of Sydney’s largest shopping centres. It’s referred to as the ‘golden triangle of property investment’,” Mr Sunito says.

“The uniqueness of this site presented a remarkable opportunity which called for and warranted the design expertise of an extraordinary architect. For this reason, I have appointed the globally acclaimed Kengo Kuma, who brings a shared vision to deliver exceptional, distinctive affordable housing combined with luxury apartments and a five-star, resort-style hotel.

“We are aiming to deliver a truly extraordinary residential and hotel offering which aims to set a new benchmark in luxurious larger-sized residences, boutique hotels, retail and facilities in Macquarie Park,” Mr Sunito adds.

^Iwan Sunito of One Global Capital (Image: One Global Capital)
^Iwan Sunito of One Global Capital (Image: One Global Capital)

Renowned architect Kengo Kuma remarked on the significant partnership with One Global Capital, commenting on the shared vision for innovative design;

“Partnering with Iwan Sunito and One Global Capital allows us to blur the lines between residential, resort, retail, and nature, creating a tranquil sanctuary that harmonizes the built environment with the natural world. Our design emphasizes natural materials, transparency, and sustainability, enhancing the urban landscape and deepening the connection to nature.”

 “Kengo Kuma’s design will feature the innovative use of natural materials such as timber and stone, reflecting his commitment to creating spaces that are both sustainable and harmonious with the environment. The design will emphasize transparency, allowing natural light to permeate the interiors, fostering a serene and inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.”

Kengo Kuma is one of Japan’s most revered architects, known for his playful use of timber to create mesmerising, whimsical designs. His practice is the brainchild behind the latticed-timber stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics; the Suntory Museum of Art in Tokyo; the Bamboo Wall House in China and LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) Group’s Japan Headquarters.

^Kengo Kuma's Olympic Stadium in Tokyo (Image: Kengo Kuma)
^Kengo Kuma’s Olympic Stadium in Tokyo (Image: Kengo Kuma)
^Track View of Kengo Kuma's Olympic Stadium in Tokyo (Image: Kengo Kuma)
^Track View of Kengo Kuma’s Olympic Stadium in Tokyo (Image: Kengo Kuma)

Kengo Kuma & Associates was founded in 1990 and has studios in Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.

Crone Architects is an award-winning architectural and consulting firm based in Sydney, with
additional offices in Melbourne. The firm is known for its innovative and sustainable designs across various sectors including commercial, hospitality, retail, public, and interior projects.

The Macquarie Park development is poised to enter the market in the coming months, promising to elevate the suburb’s architectural landscape.

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