Imperial Square’s Monarch Place Achieves $40 Million in Rapid Sales

Monarch Place Lobby
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In a testament to Southport’s booming real estate market, the new $650 million Monarch Place has seen an incredible surge in buyer interest, racking up over $40 million in sales within just one week of its launch. This remarkable uptake highlights the strong demand among owner-occupiers and downsizers for premium living spaces, as part of Robert Badalotti’s ambitious $3.8 billion Imperial Square development in the Gold Coast CBD.

Designed by Kris Kowalski Architects, Monarch Place will feature the first new retail and commercial spaces, laying the groundwork for Azzura’s vision of Imperial Square as a premier destination that combines residential, retail, commercial, and health facilities.

Sales so far include a range of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments starting at $724,000. The project has attracted a wide audience, predominantly owner-occupiers and second homeowners, underscoring the high demand for luxury living in Southport. Owner-occupiers and downsizers form the largest group of buyers in the second stage of Robert Badalotti’s $3.8 billion Imperial Square development in the Gold Coast CBD.

“Monarch Place marks a pivotal phase in our vision for Imperial Square and we are not surprised at the level of inquiry and current sales rates,” said Robert Badalotti, founder and CEO of Azzura Investments Limited.

“The market in Southport has been crying out for apartments in a precinct that offer all the trappings of masterplanned living.

“Monarch Place sets a new standard in downsizing purchases, offering unparalleled facilities that are unlike any other development ever produced and we are thrilled with the enthusiastic response from buyers, reflecting the demand for a comprehensive living experience in Southport.”

Jason Paris, Sales Director of Raine & Horne Elite, attributed the strong interest in Monarch Place to its luxurious amenities and prime Southport location.

“We’ve seen a mixture of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, which is the beauty of Monarch Place – there’s such a diverse mix of apartment offerings to suit everyone. Buyers are drawn to the high-end living spaces that offer both convenience and a vibrant lifestyle.”

Buyers were particularly drawn to the apartments’ meticulous attention to detail and high-end finishes, as well as the extensive amenities and attractions at Monarch Imperial Club.

^Views to Surfers Paradise (Image: Azzura)
^Views to Surfers Paradise (Image: Azzura)

The residential offerings include one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments, two-storey sky homes, four-bedroom apartments, sub-penthouses with plunge pools, and luxury penthouses with private infinity pools. The vibrant community and convenient location were significant factors for those seeking a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

^Monarch Place Living (Images: Azzura)
^Monarch Place Living (Image: Azzura)

Residents of Monarch Place will have access to the Monarch Imperial Club, which includes a gym, sauna, indoor pool, beauty parlour, entertainment rooms, cinema, golf simulator, art studio, library, workshop, bar, and restaurant. A 1,500-square-meter childcare facility will also be available on-site.

The soft launch of Monarch Place has shown strong market interest, setting a positive tone for the upcoming construction phase. Construction on the $650 million Monarch Place will begin in the coming months.

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