Landmark Development Proposal: Harry Triguboff lodges Meriton Twin Towers development application in Brisbane

Meriton Alice St Architectural Render ADR
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Meriton’s esteemed property magnate, Harry Triguboff, has officially submitted a highly awaited proposal to the Brisbane City Council, unveiling plans for an impressive $1.3 billion twin tower development in the bustling heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District (CBD). This ambitious application outlines a transformative redevelopment, envisioning twin towers soaring to 70 and 79 storeys fronting both Alice and Margaret Street’s, encompassing a diverse array of residential, short-term accommodation, and commercial spaces. Set against the backdrop of one of the last remaining prime parcels of inner-city development land in Brisbane, the Meriton Twin Towers project promises to reshape the skyline.

The application, spearheaded by Meriton on behalf of Karimbla Properties (No.70) Pty Ltd and facilitated by UPS Town Planning Services, marks the commencement of the eagerly awaited development application phase for Harry Triguboff’s monumental venture. Having recently acquired the site through a decade-long process of amalgamation and a substantial $140 million settlement with the 107-unit owners of the existing Gardens Apartments building, Triguboff’s property empire is set to redefine this strategic 5485-square-meter expanse situated between Alice and Margaret streets. Positioned directly across from the renowned Botanical Gardens at Gardens Point, the site holds significant promise for a project of such magnitude and vision.

Meriton Twin Towers Brisbane Render Plans
Meriton Twin Towers Brisbane Render Plans
Site Location - Meriton Alice St and Margaret St
Site Location – Meriton Alice St and Margaret St

Designed by BDI Architects, the proposal envisions the creation of two towers, with Tower M gracefully facing Margaret Street and Tower A commanding presence along Alice Street. These strategically positioned towers rise above an expansive singular podium level, creating an immersive connection with the dynamic street frontages. Each tower boasts meticulous design, showcasing distinctive shapes and appearances that collectively contribute to an enchanting skyline.

Podium Levels

Meriton Alice St Architectural Render of the Podium Levels Streetside
Meriton Alice St Architectural Render of the Podium Levels Streetside

The proposed 20.0m high podium base levels are a hive of mixed land use activity, featuring retail and commercial spaces at ground level. These spaces not only address a lively pedestrian thoroughfare cutting through the site but also house the welcoming lobbies for Towers M and A, engaging with Margaret and Alice Streets, respectively. Tower M hosts a Childcare centre on Level 1, with residential apartments commencing from Levels 1 and 2 for both towers.

Meriton Level 1 Overall Plan
Meriton Twin Towers Level 1 Overall Plan

On Level 5, the project introduces communal open space facilities, catering to the residents and guests of the development. The towers are equipped with indoor swimming pool facilities, while the outdoor space offers a diverse range of amenities, including barbecue facilities, an open lawn terrace, intimate seating nooks, outdoor play areas, and an outdoor gym. These features are seamlessly integrated into attractively landscaped garden spaces, complete with tree planting at the podium level.

Meriton Level 5 Pool and Recreation Space
Meriton Twin Towers Level 5 Pool and Recreation Space

The ground level maximizes deep planting opportunities along the Alice Street frontage. This strategic landscaping not only creates a verdant and inviting presence in the streetscape but also complements and harmonizes with the leafy character of the street, accentuated by the proximity of the City Botanical Gardens opposite the site.

A key feature of the project is the establishment of a high-quality pedestrian link traversing the site, seamlessly connecting Alice Street to Margaret Street. This thoughtfully designed pedestrian pathway not only facilitates movement between the City Botanical Gardens and the Brisbane CBD but also enhances the overall experience with active commercial spaces, outdoor dining, and seating areas adorned with carefully curated landscape planting.

The Meriton Twin Towers pedestrian thoroughfare incorporates a blend of roof-covered and glazed spaces, optimizing natural daylight access for an inviting and pleasant atmosphere. As part of the development’s commitment to cultural enrichment, a comprehensive Public Art and Indigenous Art strategy will be integrated, aligning with the broader architectural concept centred around Place and Country. This initiative adds an enriching layer to the overall project, fostering a connection between the development and its cultural context.

Meriton Ground Floor Overall Plan with pedestrian thoroughfare
Meriton Twin Towers Ground Floor Overall Plan with pedestrian thoroughfare

Tower M

Tower M is strategically oriented towards the Margaret Street frontage, poised to ascend to an impressive height of 70 storeys. This tower seamlessly integrates a diverse range of uses, featuring both short-term accommodation and multiple dwelling units. The short-term accommodation units are thoughtfully distributed across Levels 5 to 34, comprising a grand total of 262 apartments. These residences include one-bedroom to three-bedroom unit types, offering a spectrum of living options.

As the tower ascends, residential units take centre stage from Levels 36 to 68, presenting a comprehensive collection of 251 apartments. This residential array spans across one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartment types, catering to varied lifestyle preferences. Adding an exclusive touch, private roof terraces grace Level 69, directly accessible from the four penthouse apartments situated on Level 68. Access to these elevated havens is facilitated through private lifts and stairs, providing an elevated living experience for residents.

Tower A

Tower A is strategically positioned to face the Alice Street frontage, soaring to an impressive overall height of 79 storeys. This tower is designated to host the majority of the residential apartments within the project, spanning from Levels 1 to 77. A grand total of 544 apartments will be seamlessly integrated into Tower A, offering a diverse array of living options across one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartment types.

Typical Level 33 Floor Plate for Tower M and Tower A for the Meriton Twin Towers
Typical Level 33 Floor Plate for Tower M and Tower A for the Meriton Twin Towers

According to the planning report –

“All proposed apartments benefit from generously proportioned private open space balconies that are directly connected to the main indoor living areas supporting a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces and promoting high-quality sub-tropical lifestyle environments for the benefit of residents and guests of the apartments.”

Architectural Sketch of the Meriton Twin Towers on Alice and Margaret Streets, Brisbane.
Architectural Sketch of the Meriton Twin Towers on Alice and Margaret Streets, Brisbane.

The Meriton Twin Towers project will include a total of 1,986 bedrooms in total, with 993 car parking bays proposed.

This transformative project not only represents a significant investment in Brisbane’s urban landscape but also sets a benchmark for large scale sustainable, well-designed, and community-oriented development, solidifying Harry Triguboff’s legacy as a pioneer in the realm of innovative and impactful property ventures. The future skyline of Brisbane awaits this monumental addition, poised to redefine the city’s landscape for generations to come.

Link to the Development Application can be found here.

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