Meriton Unveils Ambitious Cypress Palms Redesign: Twin Towers Out, Height and Density Soar

Meriton Cypress Palms Architectural Render
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Meriton, led by property tycoon Harry Triguboff, is making significant amendments to its Cypress Palms project, proposing the removal of one of the initially planned three towers. The company has formally submitted a change application to the Gold Coast City Council seeking approval for this modification.

Under the proposed changes, the 57-storey north-eastern tower, designed for short-stay accommodation and comprising 335 apartments, will be omitted from the plans. In compensation, Meriton aims to enhance the yield of the remaining two residential towers, located on the north-western and south-eastern corners of the site, by adding nearly 300 apartments.

//Meriton Cypress Palms Towers Render (Image: DBI Architects)
Meriton Cypress Palms Podium Render
//Meriton Cypress Palms Podium Render (Image: DBI Architects)

Notably, the axed tower, initially slated to be the smallest at 57 levels, leaves Cypress Palms exclusively as a residential apartment project. The two existing towers, approved by the Gold Coast City Council last October, are now set to undergo expansion in height and density. Meriton is seeking to add an additional six levels to one tower, reaching a total of 90 levels.

In a move to increase the project’s capacity, Meriton is also applying to raise the number of apartments in both towers – from 522 to 690 in the taller tower and from 490 to 620 in the smaller tower at 77 levels.

Cypress Palms, as this project is currently known, is situated across Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Palm Avenue, and Cypress Avenue, represents a large 8083sqm amalgamation. The project, named after Cypress Avenue, is strategically positioned, being one street away from Gurner’s approved La Pelago and two streets from SPG’s approved Paradiso Place.

Meriton Cypress Palms Location Map Aerial (Image: DBI Architects)
//Meriton Cypress Palms Location Map Aerial (Image: DBI Architects)
Meriton Cypress Palms Location Map Top View (Image: DBI Architects)
//Meriton Cypress Palms Location Map Top View (Image: DBI Architects)

Situated in the heart of central Surfers Paradise, the site at 3346 Surfers Paradise Boulevarde, has long suffered from underutilization. In the past, it hosted tourist attractions like mini-golf and the adrenaline-pumping Sling Shot ride. Over the years, it also served as a sprawling car park. However, the era of functioning solely as a parking space is coming to an end, as the Meriton machine gears up to embark on a transformative journey for the site.

DBI Architects, known for their work on Meriton’s Iconica project nearby, have taken the architectural lead for Cypress Palms. The design statement submitted to the Gold Coast City Council highlights the project’s aim to create a bold and iconic presence, serving as a gateway site to the Gold Coast CBD. The architects emphasized the incorporation of subtropical principles and street activation to maximize the site’s potential.

Podium Render Facing Palm Avenue (Image: DBI Architects)
//Podium Render Facing Palm Avenue (Image: DBI Architects)

Despite the reduction to two towers, DBI Architects assures that Cypress Palms will still command a significant presence on the Gold Coast skyline. The design incorporates a “golden spine” that unifies the towers and promises a vibrant and dynamic public realm through podium-level retail, dining, and entertainment spaces.

On the 8th level, an elevated pool designed in a lagoon style is planned, providing a serene environment with landscaped gardens, seating areas, and barbecue facilities. The architects assert that these design elements will contribute to a unique and vibrant addition to the Surfers Paradise skyline, creating a landmark destination for both residents and visitors.

Cypress Palms Level 9 Amenity (Image: DBI Architects)
Cypress Palms Level 9 Amenity (Image: DBI Architects)

About Meriton

Meriton is a prominent property development company based in Australia, renowned for its extensive portfolio of residential, commercial, and hotel projects. The company was founded by billionaire property developer Harry Triguboff in 1963 and has since become one of the largest and most successful property developers in the country. Meriton has been intensifying its presence in Queensland, making headlines with its recent application for twin towers in the bustling heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

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