Mayfair Development Greenlit: Urban Property Group and SJB Architects Set to Transform Penrith Landscape

Mayfair Urban Property Group Architectural Render by SJB
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In a significant move for the Penrith property landscape, the Urban Property Group has proudly announced the approval of their development application for Mayfair, situated at 160-172 Lord Sheffield Circuit, Penrith. The 10-storey architectural marvel, designed by the renowned SJB Architects, will not only boast 287 residential apartments but also integrate commercial spaces and an active retail edge featuring a stunning curved ground floor collonade.

Spanning an expansive area of approximately 8,240m2 with a commanding 170.44m frontage to Lord Sheffield Circuit, Mayfair’s strategic location adjacent to the northern entrance of Penrith Station positions it as a gateway development into the North Penrith Town Centre. The development includes 3,500m² of retail space, 4,500m² of commercial space, and a basement car park with a capacity for 321 vehicles.

Mayfair by Urban Property Group - Location Map
Mayfair by Urban Property Group – Location Map (Image: SJB Architects)

In adherence to Penrith Local Environmental Plan 2010 (LEP), mandating the demonstration of Design Excellence for the site, a Design Competition was conducted following the Director General’s Design Excellence Guidelines (2010). Ethos Urban, appointed as the Design Competition Manager, oversaw the process, which involved a three-member jury comprising Brett Newbold, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning at UNSW (Council Rep); Rory Toomey, Principal Design Advisor at GANSW; and Stephen Moore, Director and Partner at City Strategy, Hatch + Roberts Day (Proponent rep). The competition attracted entries from three distinguished architects: Cox Architecture, Scott Carver Architects, and SJB Architects. Notably, the competition, commencing on March 21, 2022, and concluding on May 5, 2022, saw unanimous recognition of SJB’s scheme as the winning design by the jury.

The development presents a unique opportunity to contribute to the transit-oriented development, improving connectivity to Penrith Railway Station and enhancing the ground floor plane’s vibrancy. The site’s adjacency to the railway corridor and its immediate proximity to the Thornton Community Garden further enrich its potential.

Mayfair will not only be a residential haven but a communal space masterpiece, featuring collaborative design efforts from SJB and Arcadia Landscape Architecture. Two rooftop pool and entertainment areas with breathtaking views of the Blue Mountains will offer residents multiple amenity zones to relax into.

Mayfair Rooftop Amenity Zones (Image: SJB Architects)
Mayfair Rooftop Amenity Zones (Image: SJB Architects)

According to the planning documentation, SJB Architects expressed their vision for Mayfair:

“Borrowing from the great colonnades of the world, our building delivers a double-height colonnade with retail at the ground level and commercial office space to level 1. The colonnade provides protection for pedestrians from rain and sun, while delivering a physical separation to the residential dwellings above.”

Furthermore, the development will house five residential lobbies accessible from the colonnade along Lord Sheffield Circuit, emphasizing a seamless integration of public and private spaces. A community garden along the eastern boundary will serve as a landscaped interface, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Mayfair Colonnade Architectural Design Renders (Image
Mayfair Colonnade Architectural Design Renders (Image: SJB Architects)

Mayfair represents the culmination of the Urban Property Group’s vision for Penrith, marking their sixth and final landholding in the Thornton precinct. With successful projects like Navali and Lumina under their belt, Mayfair promises to be another jewel in the developer’s crown, contributing to the evolving landscape of Penrith.

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