Revitalizing Marvel Stadium and AFL House: Docklands Set for Major Redevelopment Under Joint Venture

Marvel Stadium Docklands Joint Venture Announcement Render 1
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In a ground-breaking announcement, the Allan Labor Government and the AFL are set to explore a significant development opportunity that could breathe new life into the Marvel Stadium Docklands waterfront precinct.

Under this joint venture, Development Victoria, the government’s property developer and major project agency, will collaborate with the AFL to reshape 140 and 160 Harbour Esplanade. Notably, Development Victoria acquired the leasehold to 160 Harbour Esplanade in 2018, a site currently occupied by the Channel 7 broadcast centre. The adjacent Channel 7 building, nestled next to AFL House, is also poised to play a pivotal role in the envisioned Harbour Esplanade overhaul.

Marvel Stadium Docklands Joint Venture Architectural Render Concept Plan 1 (Image: Development Victoria)
Marvel Stadium Docklands Joint Venture Architectural Render Concept Plan 1 (Image: Development Victoria)

Acting Minister for Development Victoria Natalie Hutchins stated,

“The Joint Venture will unlock a major new opportunity in Docklands to deliver housing, commercial and entertainment developments that transform Docklands’ waterfront and enhance Marvel Stadium as a sports and entertainment precinct.”

Minister for Planning Sonya Kilkenny has taken a proactive step by lodging a planning scheme amendment application. This application seeks to incorporate potential building outlines and design requirements for future developments at Marvel Stadium, AFL House, and the Channel 7 site. This strategic move underscores the government’s commitment to fostering a mixed-use development that not only revitalizes Docklands’ waterfront but also enhances Marvel Stadium’s status as a premier sports and entertainment complex.

The ambitious redevelopment plan extends to Central Pier, where early removal works are already underway as part of an overarching strategy to breathe new life into the precinct. The state government’s vision for Central Pier’s transformation is crucial, following its permanent closure in 2020, and forms an integral component of the broader waterfront redevelopment.

Marvel Stadium Docklands Joint Venture Architectural Render Concept Plan 2 (Image: Development Victoria)
Marvel Stadium Docklands Joint Venture Architectural Render Concept Plan 2 (Image: Development Victoria)

Development Victoria’s Group Head of Precincts, Niall Cunningham said.

“We are looking forward to working closely with the AFL on future development of these Harbour Esplanade sites,”

Matt Chun, AFL’s Executive General Manager of Finance, Clubs, and Infrastructure, expressed that the Joint Venture with Development Victoria offers a chance to reshape the prominently positioned western side of the stadium.

“Any future redevelopment also has the potential to showcase the stunning views the western side of the venue provides over Victoria Harbour. We are committed to delivering a memorable experience for fans and visitors to the precinct and excited by the opportunities this agreement with Development Victoria presents our site.”

Despite the significant progress, details about how the proposed development will seamlessly integrate with the western side of Harbour Esplanade and Central Pier remain undisclosed. A state government spokesperson, while confirming that the plans have not advanced at this stage, directed inquiries to the official press release.

It’s worth noting that the Allan Labor Government has demonstrated a substantial commitment to the redevelopment of Marvel Stadium, having invested $225 million in its transformation. This investment aims to secure Melbourne as a global destination for world-class sporting and entertainment events over the next three decades.

The Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events Steve Dimopoulos released a statement regarding the investment into the precinct,

“We invested $225 million to fund the redevelopment of Marvel Stadium so that we can continue to attract sporting and entertainment events to Melbourne and ensure Victoria remains the major events capital of Australia.”

As the proposed Planning Scheme Amendment awaits consideration by the Minister for Planning, the Docklands community and stakeholders eagerly anticipate the unfolding of this transformative chapter in the vibrant story of Docklands’ development.

Marvel Stadium Precinct Current Aeriel (Image: Populous)
Marvel Stadium Precinct Current Aeriel (Image: Populous)

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