Brisbane City Council Approves Kokoda Property Group’s Landmark Skyring Terrace Development

Kokoda Skyring Tce Tenerife from the Brisbane River
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Kokoda Property has received planning approval for its ambitious $1.5 billion Skyring Terrace project in Tenerife, bringing forth one of the biggest redevelopment projects in Brisbane.

The Brisbane City Council has given the green light for a revised proposal, which seeks to transform the Riverside Industrial Sands site in Teneriffe into a vibrant, multi-functional precinct in the banks of the Brisbane River.

Originally conceived as a three-tower project, the development has evolved into five distinct, slender towers with heights up to 19 storeys. Located at 17-27 Skyring Terrace, this 17,612 sqm site will host over 200 luxury residences, lofts, and penthouses. Additionally, the site will house Brisbane’s first The Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, alongside expansive commercial spaces offering over 4,800 sqm of waterfront dining and retail.

The vision for this redevelopment was brought to life through a collaboration between Kokoda Property and partners Carr, Cottee Parker Architects, and Urbis. Their efforts have reshaped the project from its initial three-tower design, which included a sky bridge, to the current plan featuring five towers staggered in height from the Brisbane River, with the tallest reaching 18 storeys.

Cottee Parker’s updated plans for the site show a thoughtful design encompassing 213 apartments, 163 hotel rooms, and 520 parking spaces. Interiors are curated by Carr, while town planning and landscaping are managed by Urbis. This updated plan replaces the original October proposal that included 381 apartments, 160 hotel rooms, and 611 parking spaces across towers ranging from 12 to 30 storeys.

Enhancing the project’s appeal, the new development includes a 1,495 sqm riverside public space. This area will feature a terraced lawn with integrated seating, offering views of the river, and a picnic area with an interactive water sculpture.

^A laneway render dissecting the Skyring Terrace project's towers (Image: Kokoda Property)
^A laneway render dissecting the Skyring Terrace project’s towers (Image: Kokoda Property)

Acquired by Kokoda Property in May 2023 for a record price exceeding $100 million, the site, previously known as Riverside Sands sand and gravel business, is set to undergo a transformation in five stages. The initial stage will focus on the smaller buildings nearest to Commercial Road, followed by the lower levels of the remaining towers. Four of these buildings will be residential, while the tallest, situated closest to the electrical substation, will serve as the hotel.

^The site plan for the Skyring Terrace redevelopment (Image: Kokoda Property)
^The site plan for the Skyring Terrace redevelopment (Image: Kokoda Property)

The development will also introduce three laneways—Helen Street, Wool Lane, and Brick Lane—featuring retail, dining, and commercial spaces on the ground floor, along with a purpose-built community hub. A new riverwalk section along the Brisbane River will be lined with double-storey restaurants, enhancing connectivity with the ferry terminal.

With this comprehensive redevelopment, Kokoda Property aims to create a vibrant community space in Teneriffe, merging luxury living, commercial vibrancy, and public amenities.

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