Keylin Group Unveils Plans For Ground-Breaking Build-to-Rent Development in Indooroopilly

Keylin Group Build-to-Rent, Station Rd Indooroopilly
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Keylin Group, a prominent developer in the South East Queensland region, has recently submitted plans for an unprecedented build-to-rent development project in the suburb of Indooroopilly, Brisbane. The project, designed by Jackson Teece, is set to revolutionize the area with its 478 apartment units, marking a significant milestone for the community.

Spanning a 6331-square-meter site, the development aims to become a catalyst for urban renewal in this inner-west suburb, located near the renowned Indooroopilly Shopping Centre. The project site, situated at 30-44 Station Road, 11 Riverview Terrace, and 12 Foxton Street, Indooroopilly, will feature four towers reaching up to 20 storeys.

Render of Keylin Group Build-to-Rent, Station Road Indooroopilly
Render of Keylin Group Build-to-Rent Streetscape, Indooroopilly

Keylin Group‘s Managing Director, Louis Cheung, envisions transforming the site into a lush “suburban rainforest” that promotes a mixed-use community atmosphere. A remarkable 45 percent of the site will be dedicated to greenery, creating a harmonious blend of nature and modern living.

Buildings 1 and 2, positioned along Station Road, will soar to 20 storeys, while buildings 3 and 4 will consist of 15-storey towers. The development will comprise 388 build-to-rent apartments, with 39 units allocated for affordable housing, alongside 44 short-term accommodation apartments. Additionally, 46 units will be designated for build-to-sell purposes.

Cheung expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It is one of the most significant development opportunities in Brisbane’s inner city, and Keylin is excited to be able to present such a diverse project to Indooroopilly. The project’s strategic location is perfect for delivering a reimagined ‘high street’ in this historic and established suburb.”

He further explained that the project’s comprehensive range of accommodations will foster a highly diverse community, offering much-needed housing supply in close proximity to the city, shopping center, and university. With multiple modes of public transportation readily available, the development aims to meet the objectives outlined in the Brisbane Sustainable Growth Strategy, particularly regarding higher density in areas well-served by public services.

The build-to-rent development will feature a dedicated health and wellness precinct, which includes a state-of-the-art gym, a rejuvenating spa, and a 20-meter recreation and lap pool with breathtaking city views. Residents will also have access to a ground floor ‘Cycle Club’ equipped with bike service facilities.

Render of the Amenity Level at Keylin Group’s Build-to-Rent Development, Indooroopilly

To enhance the quality of life for residents, the project will incorporate flexible spaces such as rooftop gardens, entertainment areas, and a creative arts and media hub complete with recording and podcast studios. Furthermore, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and private office pods will be available to cater to diverse professional needs.

The apartments will span across three buildings and will range from studios to one, two, and three-bedroom units. Notably, the fourth building will offer 46 premium apartments for private ownership. Additionally, the project will include affordable housing units, supported by the Housing Investment Fund, to provide lower rents for eligible tenants. Moreover, the 44 short-term rental apartments will cater to visitors, filling a current gap in the area’s accommodation offerings.

Render of Tower 4 at Station Road, Indooroopilly

Jackson Teece, the architectural firm responsible for iconic projects such as the transit-oriented Southpoint masterplan in South Brisbane and the Scott Street apartments in Kangaroo Point, has been engaged to design the Indooroopilly build-to-rent project. The firm has incorporated innovative design elements, including arched features inspired by the nearby heritage-listed Walter Taylor Bridge, as well as an extensive ‘veranda’ facing Station Road, paying homage to the classic Queenslander-style homes that characterize the suburb.

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