Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Welcomes World’s Strongest Crane To Brisbane

Watpac's new crane to build the Kangaroo Point Bridge in Brisbane
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The construction on Brisbane’s major green connection bridge between Kangaroo Point and the Botanical Gardens has received an almighty boost with the arrival of the world’s strongest crane, the M2480D heavy lift luffing crane.

Brisbane’s newest bridge is being delivered as part of Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner’s Green Bridge Program, by multidisciplinary civil construction contractor BESIX Watpac. Once completed, the cable-stay bridge will span 460 metres connecting the 2 peninsula’s and making it one of the strongest bridges in the world.

Architectural render of new Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point.
Architectural render of new Green Bridge at Kangaroo Point

The crane itself is capable of lifting more weight per load than any other crane in the world, cutting time off every swing of the arm in the process. BESIX Watpac General Manager Queensland, Northern Territory and New Zealand, Wade Cummins, said this was a key milestone for the project.

“The 72-metre-tall crane with a 64-metre-long boom supplied by Marr Contracting arrived onsite in January and has been erected and commissioned and has completed its first lift – a 25 metre by 25-metre-wide working platform,” Mr Cummins said.

“This marks a significant step in construction for the BESIX Watpac team as the structure begins to take shape.”

The crane was put together piece by piece on the edge of the Brisbane River, as it moves into a portion of the construction program that requires the cranes’ ability to lift larger loads into place. The crane will be crucial for positioning the highest section of the bridge mid-way through the bridge’s span as it presses forward to the final delivery of what will be an iconic Brisbane landmark.

Video Credit – BESIX Watpac via Youtube.

Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner said the crane is the largest lifting-capacity tower crane in the world and is vital for lifting key parts of the bridge into place from a secured barge in the middle of the Brisbane River.

“The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge will be an iconic bridge for our city and a key piece of infrastructure in the lead up to and beyond the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games,” Schrinner said. 

“The biggest and best equipment is being used to build this bridge, which will not only delivery a new river crossing between Kangaroo Point and the CBD but will also have an over-water restaurant and café.”

View of the new crane from the Kangaroo Point cliffs.
View of the new crane from the Kangaroo Point cliffs.
View of the new crane from a Brisbane high-rise tower
View of the new crane from a Brisbane high-rise tower

The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge hopes to ease traffic in the future as the Brisbane 2032 Olympics Precinct start to take shape. The construction is set for completion in 2024 which will open up the connectivity between the ever-growing region.

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One thought on “Kangaroo Point Green Bridge Welcomes World’s Strongest Crane To Brisbane

  1. Such an honour for everyone involved in the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge project! The use of the world’s strongest crane underscores the innovative approach and dedication to enhancing Brisbane’s infrastructure.

    This project not only promises improved connectivity and access for pedestrians and cyclists but also exemplifies the collaborative effort of various teams.

    Proud to be part of a project that benefits the community and sets a new benchmark in engineering excellence.

    Safetylyne Team

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