Albion’s New Hub: DRJ’s Architectural Marvel Creates Vibrant Precinct Linking to Breakfast Creek Hotel

DRJ Investments Jackson Teece Albion Panorama
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DRJ Investments have recently submitted an updated design proposal for a development application situated at 4 Higgs Street and 11 Sandgate Road in Albion, Brisbane.

Spearheaded by the architectural expertise of Jackson Teece, the design unveils a master plan featuring 199 apartments and a promising public plaza set to transform the precinct into a vibrant walking zone. The development is strategically positioned adjacent to the well-known Breakfast Creek Hotel in Albion, a long standing stalwart for Brisbane’s pub and social history.

Encompassing a site area of 2,569m², the project is set to soar to 17 storeys, offering a mix of one, two, and three-bedroom residences. Unique double-storey ‘Soho’ styled apartments are also part of the envisioned design, creating a unique offering for potential buyers into the project. Furthermore, the proposal includes a ground-level restaurant and bar spanning 390m², complemented by a spacious alfresco dining area to activate the street and the proposed plaza.

^DRJ Investments Latest Jackson Teece Inspired Albion Renders (Images: Jackson Teece)
^DRJ Investments Latest Jackson Teece Inspired Albion Renders (Images: Jackson Teece)
^Streetscape Podium Render (Images: Jackson Teece)
^Streetscape Podium Render (Images: Jackson Teece)

The ground floor plan within the Breakfast Creek Hotel precinct aims to establish a sizeable walking precinct, linking the hotel and its immediate surroundings in a plaza-style concourse. The restaurant is designed to open out onto the walking plaza, fostering a vibrant walking precinct aligned with Brisbane’s community walking plans.

The rooftop amenities are set to feature a 20-meter lap pool, a recreation pool with an infinity edge, a spa, pool cabanas, gym, cinema, outdoor lounges, a dog lawn, fire pit, and a private dining area.

Architects emphasize a distinctive ‘sculptural rock’ podium facade adorned with cascading vegetation, enhancing the development’s visual appeal with a green environment.

Situated directly opposite the Breakfast Creek Hotel, the proposed development plans to introduce a new public plaza, offering outdoor seating spaces and landscaped areas. Notably, the project is in proximity to the Brisbane City Council’s under-construction green bridge over Breakfast Creek and is also close to the proposed Breakfast Creek Sports Precinct. The Place Design Group have linked together DRJ Investments and Jackson Teece to lodge the updated design to the Brisbane City Council.

In the context of Brisbane’s rich history, Breakfast Creek stands out as a prominent watercourse flowing through suburbs like Albion, Bowen Hills, and Newstead before merging with the Brisbane River. The historic Breakfast Creek Hotel, a heritage-listed pub with roots dating back to the 19th century, adds cultural significance to the area. The vicinity has witnessed ongoing development and urban renewal, resulting in a blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

The Albion and Newstead region along Breakfast Creek has recently welcomed a spectacular new green bridge, a pivotal component of Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner’s green bridge initiative. This newly introduced bridge establishes a seamless walking and cycling connection over Breakfast Creek, providing direct access over the Brisbane River for the evolving Hamilton area towards Newstead and beyond. Its presence significantly bolsters the local infrastructure, in particular for this Jackson Teece Albion project, aligning with the area’s ongoing growth and development.

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