Immerse Projects Gains Approval for New Coolangatta Apartment Venture

Immerse Projects Architectural Render Coolangatta
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Immerse Projects, led by the enterprising founder John Kearney, has secured a significant milestone as the Gold Coast City Council gives its resounding approval for the second apartment venture in the vibrant border suburb of Coolangatta. The upcoming 17-level architectural marvel, poised to grace 39 McLean Street, is set to break ground next year, marking a compelling stride forward in Immerse’s growing footprint within the southern Gold Coast property realm.

The development approval marks a significant step for Immerse Projects, as they expand their presence in the southern Gold Coast property market. The company is already in the process of constructing another project, Rhythm Kirra Hill, which is adjacent to the McLean Street site. Additionally, Immerse Projects has plans for a third project in the Tweed Shire.

Immerse Projects Tower Coolangatta - Architectural Render
Immerse Projects Tower Coolangatta – Architectural Render

John Kearney expressed his satisfaction with the council’s approval, stating,

“We are very pleased with today’s approval of the McLean Street project which is the result of a lot of collaborative work with Council over the past 18 months.”

Kearney also mentioned that this approval allows them to focus on completing the Rhythm Kirra Hill project and preparing for their next venture in Tweed.

The McLean Street development will consist of 58 new apartments, offering a mix of two- and three-bedroom designs. The building will also feature a 240-square-meter penthouse on its top level. Notably, Immerse Projects made adjustments to the project’s height, reducing it from 19 levels following negotiations with the Council.

Situated within the Coolangatta Centre District, the project takes advantage of higher density allowances permitted under the Gold Coast City Council Town Plan. The approval comes at a time when the region is experiencing a surge in property developments, including the $100 million Rockpool Rainbow Bay project, the redevelopment of Greenmount Resort, and other projects by local developers.

The green light for the McLean Street project is indicative of Immerse Projects’ commitment to catering to the “missing middle market,” providing quality coastal residences with resort-style amenities at an accessible price point. As construction gears up to commence next year, Immerse Projects looks poised to make a lasting impact on the Coolangatta property landscape.

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