I-Properties Proposes 12-Level Residential Project for Playfield Street at Westfield Chermside

I-Properties Playfield Street Render
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I-Properties Pty Ltd has submitted plans for a new 12-level residential apartment building located at 8-12 Playfield Street, an 1890 square meter site adjacent to Westfield Chermside on Brisbane’s Northside. The site, formed by the amalgamation of four adjoining lots, features frontages on both Playfield Street and a nearby footpath to the west to adjoins to the Westfield Chermside directly.

The development, proposed by Bespoke P & D on behalf of the developer, is designed by ANA Architects (Angelo Nicolosi And Associates Architects) and comprises 62 apartments. The apartments are designed primarily for owner-occupiers and consist of 40 three-bedroom units, 20 four-bedroom units, and two five-bedroom penthouses.

According to the planning reports, the building is designed with a focus on large apartments tailored for owner-occupiers seeking to downsize from high-maintenance housing without sacrificing amenities. The internal layouts prioritize spacious living areas that connect to expansive, landscaped outdoor spaces, promoting a subtropical lifestyle. The bedrooms are strategically located to interact with the outdoor balcony areas, ensuring all residents have access to private outdoor space. To uphold privacy for both residents and neighbors, screening elements such as fixed building structures and living greenery are incorporated where appropriate.

I-Properties Playfield Street Architectural Render 1
^I-Properties Playfield Street Project Architectural Render (Image: I-Properties)

The orientation of the building responds to its surroundings, with living spaces facing Playfield Street to maximize views, natural light, and privacy, while the west-facing side offers views of Mount Glorious and the lower density residential areas beyond Gympie Road. Residents will benefit from proximity to amenities such as Westfield Chermside, 7th Brigade Park, and a bus interchange on Hamilton Road.

The development features both communal and private outdoor spaces strategically positioned to enhance resident experiences. The communal outdoor area offers stunning views of Mount Gloris and incorporates natural landscaping and shade structures to ensure comfort and protection from the western sun. Designed for year-round functionality, this space caters to various activities and fosters a sense of community.

In addition to the communal spaces, each apartment boasts generous private outdoor areas, ensuring residents have access to greenery and shaded retreats. The building’s facade incorporates vertical greenery, utilizing the unique shapes of balconies to accommodate tall vegetation. Unlike traditional green walls, this design allows for easy maintenance and flourishing plant life without specialized services, creating a visually striking feature.

Furthermore, the building’s roof structure enables the installation of a trellis-style living screen, providing shade in the summer while allowing sunlight penetration during winter months. Elevated gardens adorn both balconies and rooftops, contributing to a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment. Balcony planters are crafted from pre-manufactured metal with independent drains, offering a low-maintenance design solution.

Energy-efficient design elements include maximizing natural light and ventilation, LED lighting, heat-reflecting glazing, and the potential for solar panel installations. Roof and podium top planters facilitate rainwater absorption, passive cooling, and mitigate the urban heat island effect, further enhancing the development’s eco-friendly credentials.

Parking for 151 vehicles is provided across three basement levels, with 135 spaces allocated for residents and 16 for visitors.

The development features a private wellness center gym on the ground floor, along with a rooftop amenity and recreation space for the residents, featuring two poolside locations along with barbeque and terrace area zones.

The Playfield Street Project will feature a Rooftop Amenity Recreation Zone (Image: I-Properties)
^The Playfield Street Project will feature a Rooftop Amenity Recreation Zone (Image: I-Properties)

Chermside, located on Brisbane’s Northside just 10 kilometers from the CBD, is a dynamic suburban hub known for its bustling commercial centers, including the expansive Westfield Chermside Shopping Centre and the Prince Charles Hospital. Boasting excellent transport links and a range of amenities, from parks and recreational facilities to diverse dining options, Chermside offers residents a vibrant lifestyle with the perfect blend of urban convenience and suburban tranquility.

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