GURNER Unveils Ambitious Plans for Luxury Development on St Kilda Road

GURNERTM St Kilda Hero Image
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In a bold move set to redefine Melbourne’s skyline, esteemed developer GURNER has officially submitted plans for its latest project, a sprawling 4,651sqm ‘trophy site’ located at 424 – 426 St Kilda Road. With a vision to create a sophisticated residential and mixed-use address that epitomizes luxury, the developer aims to leave an indelible mark on this prestigious locale.

The proposed development will encompass approximately 200 apartments spread across 19 levels. The project will include expansive two, three, and four-bedroom units, as well as two double-storey penthouses, complemented by an array of signature amenities.

Following an extensive international design competition, GURNERTM has enlisted the expertise of renowned Chicago-based architectural firm SOM for this landmark collaboration, marking the developer’s inaugural partnership with the esteemed firm. SOM, known for its illustrious portfolio featuring iconic structures such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the One World Trade Centre in New York, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the table.

Tim Gurner shared his excitement at bringing this project to life:

“ We are looking forward to shaping such an important corner of Melbourne’s history; this site was once the famous Illoura House, which was sadly was demolished many years ago”
“ We will be bringing the corner back to life with an incredible design by SOM that we wanted to be classic, calm and quietly proud to sit in its location, ensuring that it stands the test of time.
“ We will be taking the high-end offering to a whole new level after the successful delivery of Saint Moritz which has set tone for our concept at 424 St Kilda Road.”

^Tim Gurner shared his excitement for the St Kilda Road Project (Image: Gurner Group)
^Tim Gurner shared his excitement for the St Kilda Road Project (Image: Gurner Group)

Drawing inspiration from the opulent heritage of St Kilda Road’s historic mansions, the design of 424 St Kilda Road showcases an elegant masonry façade, evoking timeless charm. A hallmark of exclusivity, the development will feature a discreet Porte Cochere arrival experience and an underground lobby, further elevating the residential experience.

In line with its commitment to revitalizing the St Kilda Road precinct, the project will integrate ground floor retail and dining options, as well as an extensive wellness offering, enhancing the area’s vibrancy and appeal.

Rob Clarke, the group’s Chief Development Officer, enthusiastically shared his perspective on the forthcoming project, adding to the anticipation surrounding it.

“ We are incredibly excited to be working with internationally renowned architecture firm SOM to design this landmark project and are privileged to be working with such a distinguished firm to breathe new life into this landmark site.
“ With its prominent corner presence, this site requires a certain elegance in its design and reimagining of its use to unlock not only its value as a significant residential asset, but a design monument in its own right.
“ Our vision is to create a series of wellness-led residences that can be amalgamated, customised and completely imagined from the inside out, in line with our clients’ exacting tastes, to create a series of bespoke homes for our discerning clientele. “

Situated on an iconic corner site with commanding views of St Kilda Road, Toorak Road, and Queens Lane, the development promises uninterrupted vistas of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Domain precinct, and Albert Park Lake. Its prime location offers unparalleled access to Anzac Station, Albert Park Lake, the Royal Botanic Gardens, and Fawkner Park, with the added convenience of proximity to South Yarra’s bustling retail and culinary scene.

Once realized, this visionary project is poised to redefine luxury living in Melbourne, setting a new standard for sophisticated urban lifestyle experiences.

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