GURNER™ Unveils Landmark Underwater Rooms in $250 Million Port Douglas Resort Project

Gurner Group Port Douglas Resort and Luxury Residental Entrance
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GURNER™, the renowned multi-billion-dollar developer and lifestyle brand, has secured a significant milestone in its portfolio with the attainment of a planning permit for its latest endeavor in Port Douglas. Situated on a sprawling 26,000sqm site at 91 – 113 Davidson Road, the project is poised to redefine luxury living with a groundbreaking $250 million resort development.

This ambitious project will feature 112 hotel rooms housed within a three-storey structure, boasting an array of amenities including six exclusive “underwater” aquarium rooms. These innovative rooms will offer guests a surreal experience, with glass walls providing captivating views into the resort’s lagoon.

^The Resort by GURNER™ Group in Port Douglas will Feature Unique Underwater Rooms for Guests (Image: GURNER™)
^The Resort by GURNER™ Group in Port Douglas will Feature Unique Underwater Rooms for Guests (Image: GURNER™)

Over the past 18 months, the GURNER™ Group team has collaborated closely with the Douglas Shire to envision a new standard of opulent accommodation for the region. Leveraging the expertise of Port Douglas-based Hunt Design as lead architect, the development aims to transcend conventional norms and introduce a truly distinctive offering to the market.

“We see this as a huge opportunity for the future of Port Douglas – the incredible area is crying out for some amazing accommodation that highlights its natural beauty, which is what inspired the design of our luxury wellness experience that locals will be proud of.” Stated CEO of GURNER™ Group , Tim Gurner

“Port Douglas is one of my favourite parts of the world – I love holidaying there with my family, and I’m looking forward to seeing this family friendly resort experience come to life and bring more visitors to the area.

“As with all our lifestyle and property projects, we always try to push the boundaries of what is possible – at Davidson Street in Port Douglas there’ll be lagoon-facing underwater rooms, wellness facilities and our signature brand of high-end residences, culminating in a new experience that you won’t be able to get anywhere else in far north Queensland.”

Drawing inspiration from Europe’s premier beach clubs, such as Saint Tropez and the Greek islands, the resort will revolve around a stunning blue lagoon. Its meticulously crafted design emphasizes the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, encouraging residents and guests to embrace alfresco living.

^The Blue Lagoon Proposed for the Resort in Port Douglas by GURNER™ Group (Image: GURNER™)
^The Blue Lagoon Proposed for the Resort in Port Douglas by GURNER™ Group (Image: GURNER™)

In addition to the hotel component, the development will encompass 44 ultra-luxury homes and townhouses, catering to both short-term visitors and permanent residents. These residences will offer a range of wellness amenities curated to foster physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Gary Hunt, Principal of Hunt Design, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming project set in the picturesque setting of Port Douglas, highlighting the unique opportunity to contribute to the area’s luxury landscape.

“To be developed and operated by GURNER™ to the group’s exceptional standards, the project will set a new benchmark for Port Douglas while bringing new energy to local industries. We believe it will put the town back on the map as the pre-eminent destination for tourism.

“We have worked closely with the GURNER™ and Douglas Shire Council teams to ensure the finished product aligns with council preferences, and we believe this project will set a new benchmark for luxury accommodation in the region.”

Reflecting GURNER™’s commitment to wellness, the resort will serve as a sanctuary amidst the lush natural surroundings of Port Douglas. Residents and guests will have access to a plethora of wellness offerings, including fitness facilities, spa services, and eco-friendly green spaces designed to enhance their connection with nature.

The private residences, priced between $2.5 million and $10 million, will be nestled within over 5,500sqm of meticulously landscaped grounds, providing an idyllic retreat for discerning buyers. With over 30 percent of the site dedicated to tropical landscaping and shared outdoor amenities spanning 3,000sqm, the development promises a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability.

With the planning permit secured, the GURNER™ team is poised to commence construction in 2025, marking the beginning of a new era in luxury hospitality and residential living in Port Douglas.

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2 thoughts on “GURNER™ Unveils Landmark Underwater Rooms in $250 Million Port Douglas Resort Project

  1. Such a shame… Douggies is one of the only 3 hostels that provide accommodation to hundreds of temporary workers that work during the season to keep the town alive. It is also a very popular place for people to enjoy a relaxed environment with the many activities they make. This is very very sad. I know you may not even read this comment but it’s just concerning how council and this investment just don’t care about the towns needs and just go ahead and demolish one of the most traditional and popular places to build another resort.

  2. Developers need to contribute to staff housing as part of a development application… If housing is taken away then council needs to look at where those made homeless will go. Given the already problematic shortage of affordable worker accommodation.

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