Grange Development’s Pioneering C6 Timber Tower Set to Redefine Urban Living

Grange Development's C6 Perth Timber Tower
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Western Australia is on the brink of hosting a landmark in architectural innovation – the world’s tallest timber building. Rising to a remarkable height of 191.2 meters and comprising 50 stories, this Grange Development project, known as the C6 building, is poised to reshape the skyline of South Perth.

The Grange Development project has obtained approval to construct the world’s tallest hybrid timber tower, following the approval of its C6 apartment building in South Perth by Western Australia’s Joint Development Assessment Panel.

The C6 building, designed by Fraser and Partners, is designed to be a beacon of sustainability. Timber will take center stage, constituting 42% of the building’s structure, including beams, floor panels, studs, joinery, and linings. This commitment to timber as a primary construction material is a bold step toward environmentally responsible architecture.

The C6 building is a multi-faceted project that includes 237 apartments and a sprawling 437-square-meter public park. It’s also an embodiment of eco-friendly living, boasting a fully electric infrastructure and a fleet of 80 communal Teslas. The residents will have access to green spaces, with 3500 square meters dedicated to edible, floral, and native gardens, fostering a sense of community and environmental consciousness.

Grange Development C6 - Internal Render
Grange Development C6 – Internal Render

At 6 Charles Street, the Grange Development project has received approval from Perth’s Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel. What sets this project apart is its ambition not only to achieve carbon neutrality but also to become carbon-negative. This audacious goal will be realized through the use of renewable glued laminated timber, cross-laminated timber, and reduced quantities of steel and concrete in construction.

The Grange Development’s C6 building will surpass Atlassian’s timber tower in Sydney, expected to reach a height of 180 meters by 2025. However, the construction timeline for the C6 building remains undisclosed at this time.

Grange Development C6 - External Render
Grange Development C6 – External Render

In an era where sustainability and eco-conscious living are paramount, the Grange Development’s C6 building stands as a testament to the potential of sustainable urban living. With its focus on timber as a building material and its commitment to carbon negativity, it paves the way for a greener future in urban architecture in Western Australia and beyond.

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