Adelaide’s First Skyscraper To Soar To New Heights On Freemasons Site, by Pelligra Group

Acrhitectural Render of the Pelligra Group’s project
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The Pelligra Group’s new development on the Freemasons site in Adelaide’s central business district (CBD), has recently been granted an extra height application, making it 23 meters taller than originally planned. Located at 254 North Terrace in the CBD, the ambitious development will feature 33-plus levels and will house a mix of commercial spaces, restaurant, hotel and student accommodation. Designed by local architect Walter Brooke and Bara Consulting Group, the current plans for the tower include a three-storey observation deck, 240 new hotel rooms, conference facilities, a business lounge and a wellness retreat.

The proposed construction of a tower on the existing Freemason’s Hall site in Adelaide’s CBD has undergone revisions, with an additional $120 million added to the construction budget. As a result, the tower’s height will now reach 183 meters, and it will be valued at $400 million. The new structure, designed by Walter Brooke and Bara Consulting Group is set to transform the Adelaide skyline and offer a unique and modern addition to the CBD. The tower’s proposed height will surpass that of Adelaide’s current tallest buildings, the Westpac House (132 meters) and the Ernst & Young Building (121 meters).

Architectural Render of the Pelligra Group’s project
Architectural render of the Pelligra Group’s project
Freemasons Pelligra Group Architectural render view
Freemasons Pelligra Group Architectural render view

To move forward with the project, the South Australian Freemasons have partnered with the Pelligra Group, a family-run development company. The partnership aims to ensure the successful completion of the project, which will bear the name Crown Plaza Adelaide and be recognized as Adelaide’s first-ever skyscraper, based on the current definition of minimum height requirements. The partnership between the South Australian Freemasons and the Pelligra Group demonstrates a shared commitment to innovative design and sustainable building practices. The development will incorporate several environmentally conscious features, including energy-efficient systems and green spaces.

The project has been met with enthusiasm and support from some but has also faced criticism from others who believe the new structure may detract from the historic character of the city. However, the project’s proponents have emphasized that the tower’s design will be mindful of the surrounding heritage buildings.

The Freemasons Pelligra Group Hall in the Adelaide CBD.
The Pelligra Group Freemasons Hall in the Adelaide CBD.
Adelaide's tallest buildings currently. Freemasons Pelligra Group.
Adelaide’s tallest buildings currently

The proposal has undergone several revisions, and the latest changes include an additional six floors, which will increase the building’s height to 130 meters. The Pelligra Group’s Managing Director, Ross Pelligra, stated that the extra height would allow for better views and more natural light in the apartments. He also said that the extra floors would not impact the surrounding buildings’ views or overshadow any public spaces.

The Pelligra Group has a strong focus on sustainability, and this development will be no different. The tower will feature a green roof, solar panels, and energy-efficient systems, which will reduce the building’s carbon footprint and make it more environmentally friendly.

The proposed development has received mixed reactions from the public. Some have praised the project for its modern design and potential to attract more people to the CBD, while others have expressed concerns about the building’s height and impact on the city’s heritage buildings.

The Freemasons Pelligra Group development has also faced opposition from heritage groups, who argue that the proposed tower’s height and modern design will detract from the city’s historic character. However, the Pelligra Group has stated that they have worked closely with heritage consultants to ensure the building’s design complements the surrounding heritage buildings.

The Pelligra Group’s proposed development on the Freemason site in Adelaide’s CBD is an exciting project that will transform a long-vacant site into a modern, sustainable, and vibrant space. While it has faced some opposition, the development’s extra height application will provide better views and more natural light for its future residents, and the building’s sustainable features will make it more environmentally friendly. The project is currently awaiting final approval from the Development Assessment Commission, and construction is expected to commence in the near future.

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