East Village in Cannon Hill Envisions a New Commercial Office Tower

East Viilage Commercial Office Anthony John Group
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Anthony John Group has recently submitted a development application for an exciting new commercial tower situated at 1026 & 1068 Wynnum Rd, within the sprawling East Village development in Cannon Hill.

Designed by the renowned Blight Rayner, this striking development boasts a generous 10,264 square meters of Gross Floor Area (GFA), thoughtfully spread across seven contemporary office levels. The project also includes extensive landscaping and top-notch end-of-trip facilities. Overall, the tower is set to rise nine stories high, aligning well with the expectations for development in the Former CSIRO site sub-precinct. Additionally, over 1,500 square meters of retail space will be integrated into the project.

East Viilage Commercial Office Tower - Anthony John Group, Cannon Hill
East Viilage Commercial Office Tower – Anthony John Group, Cannon Hill

East Village stands as a prominent landmark in Brisbane’s Eastern suburbs, located at the intersection of Creek Rd and Wynnum Rd, right on the edge of the QLD Trade Coast. Anthony John Group has held the site for several years, initially introducing multi-residential components. However, progress on the site had stagnated in recent times. The proposed commercial tower, if approved, represents a significant addition to the site and could potentially catalyse further development in the future.

According to Place Design Group, the proposed development takes full advantage of the surrounding infrastructure and established urban services, which are well-equipped to accommodate this mixed-use commercial development. They noted,

“The proposed 9-storey development aligns with the expected density for the Cannon Hill area, especially with the anticipated growth leading up to the 2032 Olympic Games.”

The Anthony John Group development emphasizes high-quality architectural design on a prime corner location along Wynnum Road, capitalizing on Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate and aligning closely with Council’s New World City – Buildings that Breathe Guideline. The proposal includes three levels of basement parking, providing space for 171 vehicles.

The immediate vicinity features a blend of commercial activity, residential development, and efficient public transport networks. The Cannon Hill Bus Interchange is situated less than 400 meters from the site, and the Cannon Hill Station, approximately 750 meters away, make commuting convenient. Additionally, a newly established bus stop along the site’s frontage enhances accessibility. East Village Cannon Hill also enjoys proximity to the Cannon Hill Shopping Centre and offers quick access to Brisbane Airport, solidifying its significance on the Eastern side of Brisbane.

East Viilage site in Cannon Hill
East Viilage site in Cannon Hill

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