Brisbane’s New Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Unveiled: Mayor Celebrates Grand Opening

Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Unvieled (Images: Australian Development Review)
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Brisbane’s transport landscape witnessed a significant milestone today as Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner inaugurated the Breakfast Creek/Yowoggera green bridge in Newstead. The completion of Breakfast Creek’s New Green Bridge establishes a vital connection between Kingsford Smith Drive in Albion and the Newstead Riverwalk, offering enhanced green transportation options for Brisbane’s residents.

This impressive 80-meter span green bridge features dedicated pathways, each with a minimum width of six meters, catering to pedestrians and cyclists. It seamlessly extends the existing Lores Bonney Riverwalk, linking to Newstead Park. Built by Georgiou, in joint venture with Brady Marine and Civil, the bridge’s design prominently showcases arches and is adorned with hues that complement the Moreton Bay Fig trees in the vicinity. At its Newstead Park landing point, the bridge harmoniously integrates with the park’s heritage aesthetic.

The Lord Mayor commented on the momentus unveiling of Brisbane’s newest green bridge connection;

“Today marked a new chapter in Brisbane’s transport history with the opening of the Breakfast Creek/Yowoggera green bridge!

We have a proud history of building, bridges, tunnels and roads, and this new green bridge is another part of our commitment to provide more travel options and help keep Brisbane moving.”

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner with Ryan Murphy, Vicki Howard and Julia Dixon (Image: Linkedin)
Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner with Ryan Murphy, Vicki Howard and Julia Dixon (Image: Linkedin)
Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Aerial Planning Map (Image: BCC)
Breakfast Creek Green Bridge Aerial Planning Map (Image: BCC)

In addition to its local connectivity, the Breakfast Creek green bridge plays a crucial role in linking the CBD to the planned Olympics Athletes Village in Northshore Hamilton for the 2032 Olympics.

Originally slated for a 2023 opening, the bridge’s completion date shifted to 2024. The arrival of the key 300-tonne steel arch on-site signifies a significant milestone, marking 90-percent completion. Final steps include concrete pours for the deck, installation of balustrades, lights, and electrics, as well as marking out lines and adding signage.

Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner expressed,

“Around 300 tonnes of steel, equivalent to seven double-decker CityCats, was used for the construction of the bridge, standing 14 meters high and six meters wide.”

This $67 million bridge, a commitment made by Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner in 2019, links Newstead to Albion, enhancing connectivity in the city’s inner-east and connecting to the Lores Bonney Riverwalk. As part of Brisbane City Council’s initiative to improve pedestrian and cycling links across the Brisbane River, the Breakfast Creek bridge and the $190 million Kangaroo Point green bridge were fast-tracked in 2020 as part of a $550 million program to boost the industry during the pandemic.

Despite challenges, including the February floods leading to the suspension of work on other green bridges, this completion marks a significant stride forward in Brisbane’s commitment to sustainable and accessible urban development.

Brisbane’s Next Green Bridge Milestone At Kangaroo Point

Continuing the momentum of Schrinner’s green bridge initiative, the next transformative project is poised to redefine central Brisbane’s CBD at Kangaroo Point. Nestled along the vibrant Brisbane River, the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge venture is under the capable stewardship of the BESIX Watpac-led consortium, Connect Brisbane, acting on behalf of the Brisbane City Council.

A pivotal milestone in the bridge’s development recently unfolded with the installation of the final segment of the 95-metre-tall mast centerpiece. Marr Contracting‘s M2480D tower crane orchestrated this feat, elevating the bridge’s structural elements into their designated positions. As the Kangaroo Point Green Bridge takes shape, it provides a tantalizing glimpse of the connectivity it will forge between the Kangaroo Point peninsula, Brisbane’s botanical gardens, and the bustling CBD.

Kangaroo Point Green Bridge - Elevated Restaurant and Bar Opportunity (Image: Brisbane City Council)
Kangaroo Point Green Bridge – Elevated Restaurant and Bar Opportunity (Image: Brisbane City Council)

Having secured the design and construction contract in June 2021 through a rigorous procurement process, Connect Brisbane, spearheaded by BESIX Watpac, commenced construction on the bridge later that year. The Kangaroo Point Green Bridge, upon completion, promises to streamline walking and biking connectivity between these key areas, fostering enhanced ease and convenience for residents.

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