Queensland Government Gives Green Light to Arundel Hills Country Club Redevelopment

Arundel Hills Country Club Plan
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The new owner of the Arundel Hills Country Club, 3 Group, is elated to receive conditional approval from the Queensland Government for its proposed transformation of the site following the club’s closure. The government’s decision signals a significant step forward for the redevelopment project, which includes a focus on environmental conservation and koala habitat preservation.

The State Assessment Referral Agency (SARA), a regulatory body overseeing planning and development, conveyed its satisfaction with the proposal to 3 Group’s town planners. However, this approval comes with specific conditions related to traffic management, koala habitat preservation, and vegetation conservation.

3 Group’s development application, submitted to the City of Gold Coast, outlines plans to create 380 new homesites accommodating up to 1,200 residents. A notable aspect of the proposal is the allocation of 59% of the 67-hectare site for environmental protection and public open space.

Arundel Hills Golf Course to Undergo Redevelopment
Parklands Walk Arundel Hills Country Club Redevelopment

Steven Kleytman, a representative of 3 Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the government’s conditional approval, remarking,

“The State Government’s conditional approval of this vital development is a very welcome turn of events that demonstrates the merits of what we are proposing.”

He further emphasized the role of town planning advice in shaping a sustainable redevelopment plan.

SARA’s conditional approval validates the proposal’s significance, though the ultimate decision still rests with the Gold Coast City Council. The master plan for the Arundel Hills Country Club redevelopment presents an opportunity to open up the former golf club for the broader community.

3 Group’s proposal includes the generous allocation of a substantial portion of the site to AB Paterson College for sporting fields and indoor stadiums, in addition to conservation purposes. The proposed sporting hub will serve as a resource for community sports clubs, organizations, local residents, and the general public. It will feature amenities such as six tennis courts, two indoor basketball courts, two outdoor basketball courts, an indoor environmental center for environmental studies, and a multi-purpose field suitable for AFL, soccer, cricket, and rugby.

The sports facility will encompass a club room, changing rooms, a canteen, seating, and parking facilities for both sporting clubs and the public. Additionally, the grounds will be equipped with lighting for night games and training.

In granting approval for the Arundel Hills development, SARA has outlined a set of conditions to ensure the project aligns with environmental and community goals. These conditions include:

  • Preparing a detailed koala management plan, involving the planting of a minimum of 2,257 koala habitat trees on-site.
  • Educating landowners about coexisting with koalas in the area.
  • Implementing koala-friendly measures such as signage, safe road crossings for koalas, an underpass, one-way koala exclusion fencing, and traffic-calming devices.
  • Transferring ownership of the area designated as a sports and recreation park in the master plan to the City Council.
  • Upgrading the Brisbane Road-Arundel Drive intersection.
  • Providing internal pedestrian connections.

Mr. Kleytman emphasized that these conditions closely align with their original intentions of not only providing much-needed housing but also leaving a lasting environmental legacy for the local community. The project now awaits the City of Gold Coast’s assessment to move forward.

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